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WHAT’S NEW Premixed

WHAT’S NEW Premixed MOTOREX COOLANT M2.0 heat transfer fluid meets all the requirements of thermal transfer brine. Heat transfer fluids for heat pumps WARMLY RECOMMENDED Renewable energy is becoming increasingly efficient. There are currently over 300,000 heat pumps and solar systems in service in Switzerland. If a system uses a heat transfer fluid, MOTOREX has the right solution with products precisely tailored for each application. In principle, a heat pump functions just like a familiar everyday appliance: the refrigerator. Whereas a refrig erator draws heat from its interior and sheds it into the environment, a heat pump draws heat from its surroundings and injects it into the heating system. Ambient heat, for example from a geothermal probe, is conveyed to the heat pump using a heat transfer fluid. The heat pump’s closed gas-filled circuit carries the heat to the evaporator. With its low boiling point, the fluid quickly turns to steam. In the compressor, the steam is compressed, thereby heating it. Finally, in the condenser, the hot steam releases its heat to the water circuit of the heating Ambient heat Heat pump Heat energy Evaporator Compressor Expansion valve Condenser Experts refer to the heat pump as the “heart” of the system. It generates economical heat energy in an circulatory system. 6

system. The heat pump itself is powered by electricity, achieving an average efficiency of between four and five – that is, the system makes four to five times the amount of energy it consumes available as usable heat energy. FOR GEOTHERMAL AND SOLAR THERMAL SYSTEMS In general, applications fall into two categories: geothermal (heat from the earth) and solar thermal (heat from the sun) systems. Both heat transfer fluids can be ordered as a concentrate or pre-mixed and ready to use. MOTOREX serves the needs of both categories with its COOLANT M2.0 and GLYTHERMIN P 44 prod ucts, both of which meet the applicable legal requirements (BAFU 2009) for Switzerland. Photo: – zauberhut MOTOREX COOLANT M2.0 This ethylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid is ideal for use in brine water heat pumps. The mixture of water and antifreeze used in heating systems is known as “brine.” But the heat transfer fluid does much more than just protect against freezing. MOTOREX COOLANT M2.0 offers the following advantages: • ideal protection against corrosion • above-average heat transfer capacity • prevents calcium buildup • high elastomer tolerance • long service life • contains no heavy metal-based inhibitors Using MOTOREX COOLANT M2.0 not only makes it easier to fill the system, it also ensures that properly prepared water was used for the mixture, thereby helping to protect the owner’s investment by eliminating a frequent source of costly complications. The dilution ratio and the degree of antifreeze protection can also be increased, depending on the particular application and specifications. MOTOREX GLYTHERMIN P 44 This propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid is ideal for use in solar systems. GLYTHERMIN P 44 is diluted with potable-quality water and is non-toxic. This makes it perfect for use in food and drinking water applications. Since the HTF operating temperature range is much wider in solar systems (−40 °C to +180 °C) than in geothermal probes (−15 °C to +30 °C), special additives are necessary. MOTOREX GLYTHERMIN P 44 offers the following advantages: Solar collectors for heating water are exposed to extreme operating conditions. The HTF protects the system and keeps it running smoothly. • ideal protection against corrosion • wide operating temperature range • effective protection against deposit build-up • fully light-resistant • contains no nitrites, phosphates or amines • above-average heat transfer capacity • high compatibility with commonly used materials • long service life Heat is transferred to the service or heating water in a heat exchanger. Because heated fluids expand in volume, all solar systems are equipped with expansion tanks of sufficient size. The following application concentrations of MOTOREX GLYTHERMIN P 44 must be observed: solar systems (40–75% by volume), other systems (25–75% by volume). SOLUTION-FOCUSED ADVICE Do you have any questions about your system and the specific conditions under which it operates? Your MOTOREX technical customer service department and importer will be glad to help. • motorex Magazine 100 I december 2013 7



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