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motorex in the news

motorex in the news Photo: Husqvarna RIEDER MESSE: A FAVORITE WITH THE PUBLIC The Rieder Messe in the Upper Austria region is a combination of agricultural trade show and fall festival. It is held concurrently with the Rieder Volksfest fair and this year attracted a remarkable 300,000 visitors. MOTOREX was part of the popular fair for the first time this year, introducing interested visitors from the agriculture and forestry sectors to the wideranging FARMER LINE. The MOTOREX team demonstrated its expertise and accessibility by holding conver sations and proposing solutions for many interested visitors. The key message was unmistakable: MOTOREX is the dependable lubricant supplier for agriculture and forestry. ASPEN 2T WITH FULL RANGE TECHNOLOGY The most meaningful test results come from real-world use. That’s why the new ASPEN 2T FULL RANGE TECHNOLOGY was tested for more than two years in over 5,300 motorized devices from a wide range of brands. The reformulated alkylate fuel with 2% fully synthetic oil convincingly demonstrated residue-free combustion and optimum protection against wear in all temperature ranges. The new ASPEN FULL RANGE TECHNOLOGY is suitable for economical and environmentally friendly operation of both heavy-duty hot-running two-stroke engines and light-duty machines with lower combustion temperatures. The new ASPEN two-stroke alkylate gasoline is approved for use in all two-stroke engines from all major vendors. ADIELSSON MOTORSPORT TAKES THE GOLD! The 2013 rally season and the Swedish Championship ended in the best possible way for rally driver Mattias Adielsson (right) and his co-driver Christoffer Bäck. After the six races of the Swedish Championship, the team took the top position on the podium with their new Peugeot 208 R2 and became Swedish Champions. The season started with a first place win in the winter rally in Sandviken and fourth place in the Östersund Winter Rally. The summer races ended with third, first, and fourth place finishes and a total of 116 points. “The team, sponsors and fans all contribute a lot to our success,” says Mattias. The team is now starting preparations for 2014 to defend the title and promote winning with MOTOREX all over Sweden! 4

GLEAMING DUO FOR MOTORBIKES If you always want to be equipped for quick touch-up cleaning, MOTOREX has the perfect solution in the handy QUICK CLEANER 60-ml baby pump spray. This effective cleaner cleans every surface of your motorcycle quickly and gently without water. When your bike is cold, just spray it down, let the cleaner soak in, and wipe with a soft cotton cloth or paper towel. QUICK CLEANER also makes a perfect visor and windshield cleaner. Photo: – miket After cleaning your motorcycle, new MOTO SHINE spray with color freshener guarantees the ideal finish. The special care spray gives a lasting gleam to paint, plastic, chrome, etc. and creates an antistatic protective film with a roll-off effect. Just spray MOTO SHINE onto a dry cloth and give the spot a brilliant shine in seconds. Also ideal for polishing your bike before put - t ing it in winter storage! WOLFEGG FOREST DAYS, GERMANY Racing report 2013 Racing Report DEZEMBER 2013 I Photo:©KTM Images S.Taglioni Photo:©Roger Lohrer WELTMEISTERTITEL FÜR MOTOREX ON- UND OFFROAD MOTOCROSS 3 Antonio Cairoli: Der Rekordjäger MOTO GP 12 Moto2 WM-Titel für Pol Espargaró BIKE 18 Eine Bronze-Medaille und zwei Top10-Platzierungen MOTOREX was a guest of Waldburg Forstmaschinen Wolfegg (WFW) at this year’s Wolfegg Forest Days. Specializing in the sale and maintenance of forestry equipment and accessories, the company is the exclusive importer of the ECOLOG, BRUKS, NEUSON ECOTEC and many other accessory brands in the Benelux countries, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. With its information booth, MOTOREX was hard to miss among over 20 other exhibitors. A complete assortment of lubricant applications for the forestry industry offered plenty of opportunities for interesting leads. WFW celebrated its 20 th anniversary with a memorable celebration at the 2013 Forestry Days, with over 200 invited guests from 10 nations. It has been another excellent season for drivers and riders who use MOTOREX. Their achievements this year include no less than 7 world champion titles. See the enclosed 2013 Racing Report for more information, or check it out online at: motorex Magazine 100 I december 2013 5



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