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ox Recreating all kinds

ox Recreating all kinds of vehicles and machines using Lego Technic pieces is a consuming passion for 13-year-old Arvid Hall from Örby, Sweden. What he’s most proud of is that they’re all fully functional! On a visit to Malwa International AB, a manufacturer of modern forestry equipment, Arvid got to see the six-wheeled Malwa 560 Forwarder. The idea of building a functioning model of the all-wheel-drive A LITTLE MECHANIC’S BIG PROJECT forwarder with its articulated frame steering was born, much to the delight of Malwa’s owner and MOTOREX user, Magnus Wallin. There was much drawing, calculating, and study of Lego’s parts range, and the project swallowed up Arvid’s entire allowance. For a long time the four back wheels were unavailable in the right size. But now they’re ready and installed. A fascinating YouTube video is proof that the model is in no way inferior to the genuine article. • DID YOU KNOW THAT DOUMONT R.J. MOTORS… …was one of MOTOREX’s first European importers in Belgium? Doumont R.J. Motors was founded in 1953 by brothers René and Julien Doumont. The business started out selling light bulbs to auto and motorcycle repair shops, but the owners soon noticed the need for top-quality lubricants. In the 1970s, the company began importing MOTOREX, successfully selling the Swiss products exclusively in small packaging directly to customers. Today René Doumont’s grandsons Xavier (left) and Fabien (right) run the business, whose product range includes wear parts, accessories and lubricants for motorcycles. René Doumont, now 87 years old, is still active in the background, proud of the long successful history of his little jewel of a family business in Charleroi. • ottorex 22

NEW MOTOREX WORKWEAR Gift ideas for Christmas 2013 The new MOTOREX workwear line impresses thanks to its functionality and design. The adjustable waist ensures optimal comfort and the knee areas are reinforced with Cordura (an extremely hard-wearing, dirt-repellent fabric). Lots of large, practical pockets can be found on the legs and chest. “Extra robust” material class » Heavyweight quality (315 g/m 2 ) » Processing similar to denim » 60% cotton/40% polyester » Hard-wearing » Dirt-repellent “Comfortable and strong” material class » Lightweight quality (275 g/m 2 ) » Fabric with smooth, pleasant feel » 60% cotton/40% polyester » Dirt-repellent Visit our online shop at www.motorex. com/boutique. Here you can also find additional highlights from the MOTOREX collection. Whether sporty or stylish – the choice is yours. MOTOREX Dungarees from CHF 69.– incl. VAT Available in green or anthracite Sizes: 42–60 (CHF 69.–) 62–64 (CHF 83.–) MOTOREX OVerall from CHF 89.– incl. VAT Available in green or anthracite “Comfortable and strong” material class: Sizes: 42–66 (CHF 89.–) 62–66 (CHF 104.–) “Extra robust” material class: Sizes: 42–66 (CHF 95.–) 62–66 (CHF 109.–) MOTOREX KIDS Dungarees CHF 49.– incl. VAT Available in green Sizes: 92–140 MOTOREX KIDS Overall CHF 63.– incl. VAT Available in green Sizes: 92–140 Reflecting design features on the front and rear contribute to added safety. Please order items from this page using the order form in the middle of this magazine or through our online shop at motorex Magazine 100 I december 2013 23



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