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PRACTICE THE FAST PROS Painting parts and a wide range of surfaces is fast and professional with MOTOREX COLOR sprays. But it’s always important to prepare the surface properly first. Painting with spray paint is a regular task for tradespeople. Even paint shops use spray cans for certain small jobs. Used properly, they can produce absolutely professional results in the blink of an eye. THREE KINDS HAVE IT COVERED Three varieties of MOTOREX spray paint make up a very simple product assortment. Whether in a service vehicle, at the shop or in a toolbox, BLACK, SILVER and ZINC sprays are part of a basic toolkit and give any job the perfect finish. Each spray provides full cover with the first coat. What’s more, they’re fast-drying and maintain high spray pressure even when nearly empty. Together with a highquality nozzle, they’re just the thing for a perfect spray and provide lasting protection for painted surfaces. BLACK SPRAY: Matte black synthetic lacquer. Temperature-resistant up to +400 °C, weather-proof and scratchresistant. For metal, plastic, wood, glass and paper. 500 ml SILVER SPRAY: Matte silver synthetic lacquer. Temperature-resistant up to +400 °C, weather-proof and scratchresistant. For metal, plastic, wood, glass and paper. 500 ml ZINC SPRAY: Zinc-grey anti-corrosion lacquer with zinc dust. Ideal protection for all white metals. Excellent adhesive strength, waterproof, longlasting, complete cover, fast-drying and recoatable. 500 ml PROPER PREPARATION The right preparation for applying paint properly guarantees the success of any paint job. This includes removing dirt, grease and rust and sanding down any old paint. MOTOREX offers a com plete range including practically all the supplies you’ll need. The table below shows the most important steps before painting. FAST AND SAFE When painting, always be sure the work site is well ventilated and observe all breathing safety procedures. That way your results will gleam in every respect. • Steps Material(s) Process MOTOREX products 1. Clean/degrease Metal Wipe off/wash REX-CLEANER Metal Wipe off POWER CLEAN universal thinner Wood/plastic Wipe off turpentine substitute 2. Remove rust Metal Sand-blast/grind - 3. Prime Metal two complete spray coats ZINC SPRAY 4. Apply finish Metal/wood/plastic Let one complete coat dry to matte, then apply one top coat BLACK SPRAY SILVER SPRAY or finish over zinc primer 20

Nordic Dependable partners are the foundation of lasting success. The successful collabo ration with DFDS Logistics/Karlshamn Express is a triple win for the management of MOTOREX NORDIC AB. DFDS Logistics Karlshamn operates a modern warehouse, a transport fleet and even a truck repair shop using MOTOREX products at its headquarters. DFDS LOGISTICS/ KARLSHAMN EXPRESS With over 110 years of experience as a transport and logistics company, Karlshamn Express is widely known with a good reputation far beyond the frontiers of Sweden. The innovative family business recently entered into a forward-looking partnership with DFDS Logistics, an international logistics group, opening up new prospects for the company’s development. KARLSHAMN AS LOGISTICAL PLATFORM DFDS Logistics Karlshamn’s modern warehouse is lo ca ted on the outskirts of Karlshamn and boasts a storage area for over 400 pallets. The town of Karlshamn in the south of Sweden has direct access to the Baltic Sea and is a perfect strategic location for a logistics company. All MOTOREX products are delivered to MOTOREX customers throughout Sweden via the DFDS Logistics Karlshamn distribution network. In southern and central Sweden, de liveries are generally completed within a day. Deliveries to the north of Sweden take a little longer, two to three days. The distances can be quite large, some times over 1,500 kilometers. Small deliveries also leave the warehouse by mail or via regular delivery services such as one to Göteborg. belonging to 40 or so transport industry customers. MOTOREX lubricants are the obvious choice. Positive customer feedback is plentiful, highlighting demonstrable differences such as lower oil consumption after switching to a low-evaporation motor oil or reduced fuel consumption with a MOTOREX low-lubricity product. The well-trained ten-person crew at the Karlshamn shop is often surprised to find just how varied the MOTOREX product range is. MEASURABLE QUALITY DFDS Logistics Karlshamn is certified under ISO 9001/ 14001 and meets all current quality standards, including customer-specific certifications from various industries. As a logistics company with international operations, DFDS Logistics Karlshamn always finds the best ways and means to get every delivery to its destination quickly, economically and with minimal environmental impact. DFDS Logistics Karlshamn’s philosophy is an excellent match for MOTOREX’s own and aims for long-term success. • IN-HOUSE REPAIR SHOP DFDS Logistics Karlshamn also has a well-equipped truck repair shop at its headquarters. The shop services not only the company’s own large fleet, but also vehicles motorex Magazine 100 I december 2013 21



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