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production The new

production The new chrome steel mixer has all the design features needed to ensure that the sophisticated process of manufacturing the latest generation of MOTOREX lubricants is efficient and minimizes energy consumption. SMARTER MIXING Manufacturing highest-quality innovative lubricants calls for an infrastructure that is perfectly adapted to the sophisticated production process. This is why certain MOTOREX products are manufactured in specially designed mixing systems like the new chrome steel mixer with integrated conical stirrer. The blending process for a wide range of MOTOREX products is complex. Furthermore, lubricant innovations with highly sophisticated recipes require precisely defined production processes that conventional infrastructure is unable to handle. This trend is advancing at great speed. SOPHISTICATED MIXING PROCESS The mixing process demands maximum precision and a strong knowledge of petrochemistry. The timing and the order in which additives and base oils are blended have to be spot-on. For example, the temperature of the base oil that is already in the mixer must be accurate and uniform throughout the vessel. The active constituents and base fluids have to blend together completely in the time specified in the recipe. Nowadays, such sophisticated formulations can only be manufactured to a reliably high quality standard with the aid of infrastructure that is tailored to the specific lubricant generation. Working closely with its partners in the plant engineering sector, MOTOREX developed and put into operation a novel chrome steel mixer. The mixer incorporates the following innovations: • novel conical stirrer • more efficient blending in less time • precise and faster heating and cooling • uniform temperatures throughout the mixer • no air intake means no foaming • no shear force generation • up to 70% lower energy consumption 18

The resulting mixing processes are extremely gentle on the materials, highly efficient and require very little energy, especially in high-capacity mixers. The stirrer’s rotary movement causes accelerated laminar flows at the cone’s outlet and the counterflow turbulence created by back pressure at the cone’s inlet to converge, leading to self-sustaining mixing movements. Cones INSTEAD OF PROPELLERS Upon first peeking into the mixer, you might think you’re seeing cups on the stirrer. The stirring system in the new mixer is not based on a propeller, as usual in the past several generations of mixers, but rather on cone-shaped stirrers with a special geometry. The slow-moving stirring system provides exceptionally gentle and thorough mixing and homogenization. The technology is especially suited to producing highend recipes. for cleaning tubes also sustain ably enhances production flexibility. As an additional benefit for customers, this further improves our already very high delivery capacity. With its additional, latest-generation mixing system, MOTOREX is again investing in the Langenthal production site and safeguarding its leadership in highquality lubricants. • HOW IT WORKS What’s unique about the stirring system built into the new chrome steel mixer is the special geometry of the cone-shaped stirring device. Its carefully configured cavities and angles yield a perfect mixing process even at very low stirring speeds. INVESTMENTS THAT PAY OFF As with every modernization of production equipment, it made sense to choose the current most energy-efficient solution, especially since it generally also speeds up the production process. Connecting these mixing systems to the existing environmentally friendly pigging system The new mixer is networked with MOTOREX’s computer-controlled and monitored production system. motorex Magazine 100 I december 2013 19



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