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MOTOREX Magazine 2013 100 EN

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Inside EDITION Year 01 I

Inside EDITION Year 01 I 1981 PRINT RUN 15,000 Languages: German, French. Newspaper, 2-color. EDITION Year 18 I 1987 PRINT RUN 25,000 Languages: German, French. New: 4-color tabloid format. EDITION Year 31 I 1991 PRINT RUN 30,000 Languages: German, French. New: 4-color magazine. EDITION Year 51 I 1997 PRINT RUN 41,000 Languages: German, French, English. Anniversary edition 80 Years of BUCHER MOTOREX. New: now in English. Have a look at the first MOTOREX Revue (In French and German only) MOTOREX MAGAZINE: VARIETY, FOR THE 100 th TIME In June 1981, under the direction of Edi Bucher, the first issue of the “polymorphic” customer newsletter MOTOREX Revue was launched – the first step in creating an information channel to communicate with the 15,000 customers the company then had in Switzerland. The publication of the 100 th issue is proof that MOTOREX’s 32-year endeavor has been a complete success. The year is 1981. The IBM Selectric typewriter has been on the market for just two years, leaving any one lucky enough to use one with a certain smug glow. The second oil crisis is still a recent bad memory , and German automakers are showing their first fuel-efficient sub-compacts at the International Auto Show. The population’s growing individual mobility is a clear indicator of the favorable economic and demographic conditions prevailing in Switzerland. COMMUNICATION PLATFORM New technologies and the growing use of vehicles in commercial and private life had the developers at MOTOREX working in high gear. “For the past year 16

EDITION Year 58 I 1999 PRINT RUN 44,000 Languages: German, French, English. New: MOTOREX Magazine name change, new format. EDITION Year 88 I 2009 PRINT RUN 45,500 Languages: German, French, English. New: Redesign, new format. EDITION Year 95 I 2012 PRINT RUN 54,000 Languages: German, French, English, Swedish. New: Now in Swedish. EDITION Year 100 I 2013 PRINT RUN 56,000 Languages: German, French, English, Swedish. Happy Birthday! we’ve developed no less than two new products a week…,” says Edi Bucher in an interview on page 2 of MOTOREX Revue no. 1. As a lubrication specialist, MOTOREX has always had to stay one step ahead of the new technologies entering mass production to provide the perfectly tailored lubricants for them. Consequently there is a need to clearly explain complex technical background information to customers. And in a wide range of industries too… MOTOREX Magazine proved to be an ideal communications medium. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Appearing three times a year, the customer magazine presents readers with a colorful but clearly structured variety of topics. Content is developed by an internal editorial team with external support. Thanks to frequent reader and customer submissions, unique reports and documents of the times appear now and again that are only indirectly related to MOTOREX. Educators and learners pore over the more technically challenging articles, which are also frequently consulted online ( What started out as an eight-page, two-color bilingual (German and French) publication has become a fourcolor magazine with first 16, later 20 and today 24 or more pages. Recent issues have devoted extensive coverage to new subject areas such as racing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially our loyal customers, who has contributed to the appearance of these past 100 issues. As a further indicator of the excellence of MOTOREX Magazine, incidentally, since issue 35 the publication has been archived in the collection of the Swiss National Library, where it will remain available for future generations. • motorex Magazine 100 I december 2013 17



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