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AUSTRIA Metzler GmbH &

AUSTRIA Metzler GmbH & Co KG is a member of the HK Group. Its 1,500 page catalog is a one-stop shop for the metalworking industry. Needless to say, the catalog is also online. EVERYTHING FOR THE PERFECT MANUFACTURING SOLUTION Reinhard Metzler, general manager of Metzler GmbH & Co KG in Rankweil, Austria has a “sense of the essential.” By this he means everything needed for a highly productive manufacturing solution for the entire chip-cutting process. Naturally MOTOREX industrial products are part of it. A certified master toolmaker, Reinhard Metzler knows the industry from top to bottom. Armed with his master’s diploma, the young entrepreneur started his own business in 1989 as the exclusive distributor for Swiss Mikron machining equipment. QUALITY IS KEY From the very start, the young entrepreneur was committed to the highest possible quality, as reflected in the product lines he carried. And when working with precision, high-performance machines, tools and lubricants of equal caliber are essential. Going to great lengths to persuade his first customers, Metzler coordinated the key success factors in their production process to achieve very impressive manufacturing results. The “complete manufacturing solutions” business concept was born, and Metzler GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1990. The company began with two employees and a product range that was anything but complete. A LUCKY HAND Business boomed, and a growing number of customers sought out the expertise of the machine, tool, and comprehensive manufacturing solutions special ist for their own operations. By 1995, Metzler GmbH & Co KG was serving customers throughout Austria with 25 employees. Shortly thereafter HAHN+KOLB, the world’s biggest toolmaker and Metzler’s onetime competitor, withdrew from the Austrian market. The innovative entrepreneur not only managed to hire eight HAHN+KOLB employees, but also took over six of its brand agencies. With business steadily expanding and plenty of satisfied customers, Metzler built an excellent reputation in the industry in a very short time. A FRUITFUL ALLIANCE With a new international orientation, the HAHN+KOLB Group sought to reenter Austria in 1997, working together with Metzler as a highly valued partner. One 14

The company’s headquarters in Rankweil, Vorarlberg. Complete manufacturing processes are tested for customers in a “living showroom”. Metzler Fertigungstechnik GmbH was established in 1996 to enable testing under real-world conditions. Everything in its place: the clever Clip-o-Flex clip-fit system saves the innovative user time, space, and effort. The Metzler center of excellence is the perfect place for training courses on new machines or tool generations. year later, his company joined the HK Group. With their combined forces and a comprehensive product range, they were now ideally equipped to serve the market. Today the group’s main machining equipment catalog alone contains 60,000 articles! At a stroke, Metzler GmbH & Co KG had gained access to an international network. The company now has 50 employees and operations throughout Austria and South Tyrol. Among its over 2,000 customers are SMEs as well as renowned major companies such as Bosch, KTM, and Reform. PART OF THE SOLUTION Metzler has been importing the MOTOREX SWISSLINE since 2000. “With the right machining fluid we’ve got to grips with many a manufacturing process. Sometimes certain applications are extremely uneconomical with out the proper cutting oil or the right coolant-lubricant, if they can even be managed at all,” says the boss. Today 16 traveling salespeople, and often Reinhard Metzler himself, personally advise customers in every aspect of metal-removing machining processes, from evaluating suit able machines and tools through choosing the best consumables to working out the logistics. In addition, the company offers coaching on the customer premises and specific courses for interested metalworkers at its own center of excellence in Feldkirch. From the beginning, Metzler’s insistence on putting people first has won him admiration far and wide. INNOVATIVE The word “innovative” perfectly describes Metzler GmbH & Co KG. The company recently launched a world first with its handy Clip-o-Flex clip-fit system, based on an aluminum track section. The system makes it possible to hang up elements like storage shelves or existing organizing systems (such as toolkits), tilt them at angles from 0 to 90°, and slide them from side to side, saving time, space and effort. Special software makes it possible to custom-configure and order stiff foam inlays online to fit Clip-o-Flex and other systems. Metzler distributes the Clip-o-Flex as far afield as China through the HK Group’s international distribution network. The system has also made Metzler a supplier for the HK distribution organization, much to the delight of the team in Rankweil, who regard their success as proof of the company’s proficiency. • motorex Magazine 100 I december 2013 15



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