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industry Photo:

industry Photo: alterfalter – itp GmbH specializes in manufacturing precision components for measuring devices. In doing so, the company makes good use of the advantageous characteristics of innovative materials like titanium, ceramic and carbon fiber. PRECISE MEASURING Based at the site of the Völklingen Ironworks, a former steel plant and UNESCO world heritage site, itp is ideally situated as a precision metalworking company. A workforce of around 50 people produce measuring device components here using MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X universal high-performance cutting oil. Quality inspection is an essential part of every product. In industrial component production, a trend is emerging for individual workpieces to be measured between one machining operation and the next, sometimes right in the production center. itp supplies a key element in the success of this approach with a wide range of probes and accessories for all coordinate-measuring and gear measuring device manufacturers. MEASURING BY CoorDINATES When measuring by coordinates, the touch points of an object are generally determined in terms of X, Y and Z values together with the associated probe vector (u, v, w) and stored on a computer. Algorithmic manipulation of these values then yields the required three-dimensional measurements. The computer compares the actual value with the specification and calculates any variance. The touch points are measured on the workpiece using probes (main photo). ALWAYS THE RIGHT PROBE The variety of probes used is virtually unlimited. In addition to conventional probes, itp also produces star probes, cylinder probes, disk probes, extensions, holders and adapters. Where once the company primarily machined aluminum, today 90% of its manufacturing output is made of titanium. A conventional probe consists of a probe holder, a shaft and a probe ball. The smallest shaft has a diameter of just 0.17 mm! Particular attention is paid to the expansion/contraction of the probe materials so as to avoid affecting the measurement results. 20

Itp’s GmbH production facility is located in a former Völklingen Ironworks building. ( Whether it’s cutting, grinding or hydraulic oil, MOTOREX lubricants are used throughout the entire plant. This ruby probe ball has an extremely high circularity grade of 5, corresponding to 0.08 to 0.13 microns. There are virtually no limits on probe designs and the materials used to make them, but every material requires skilful machining. PRECISION MASTERPIECES “In keeping with the motto ‘Simply the best’, we have been working with leading suppliers from the very start of our business. Based on our positive experience with MOTOREX products, we use them for all technical lubrication applications in the production plant.” Holger Warken, Production Manager itp GmbH, Völklingen The level of vertical integration at itp is impressive. The company not only develops innovative measuring device components in Völklingen, it also covers the complete production spectrum. Tornos and Schaublin CNC machining centers along with grinding and drilling machines are the centerpieces of production. In addition, itp uses a laser welding system to bond metallic components. One of the company’s core competencies is drilling blind holes in probe balls. Using production equipment developed especially for this purpose at their own factory, itp is the only manufacturer that can drill blind holes in probe balls with a diameter as small as 0.8 mm, regardless of whether they are made from industrial rubies, silicon nitride, ceramic, carbide or zirconium oxide. The drilling technology used for highly resistant materials was derived from the machining of mechanical bearing elements for Switzerland’s best-known watch manufacturers. TOP RESULTS WITH MOTOREX itp needed a universal cutting oil, especially when machining a range of different materials (steel, aluminum and titanium) on the same machines. In view of its history of positive experience with MOTOREX and involvement as a development partner, the machining equipment manufacturer Tornos recommended the pioneering MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X high-performance cutting oil. Following a needs analysis by itp’s MOTOREX partner in Germany (FS GmbH, Bickenbach,, every processing step was successfully carried out using ORTHO NF-X. Moreover, ORTHO NF-X 15’s high flash point proved a further advantage for the company’s rapidly growing volume of titanium machining, which involves a significant fire hazard. Would you like to learn more about the latest generation of MOTOREX machining fluids and optimization options for your business? Please contact your MOTOREX partner. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 99/50 I JULY 2013 21



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