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QUEEN ELIZABETH ISLANDS Ellesmere Island Baffin REPORT CONTINUED Bay Baffin Island Greenland (DENMARK) Lake Huron Ottawa oronto HE AMAS u- e AITI Hudson Bay bean Sea S otá IA MO UNTAINS S CHILE Lake Ontario Lago Titicaca La Paz Davis Strait Labrador Sea N O R T H A T L A N T I C O C E A N Denmark Strait Equator (St. Helena) B R A Z I L A popular subject for a snapshot: the Steyr 680 in Kurdistan with a group Salvador of cheerful children. S O U T H A T L A N T I C O C E A N N Scotia Sea South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands had booked before the start of the journey, as the (administered by U.K., S O U T H E R N O C E A N claimed by ARGENTINA) Drake supply of overnight accommodation in the region is Passage SOUTH ORKNEY ISLANDS limited. Especially in the larger cities, the hotels were UNFORGETTABLE ENCOUNTERS often unmarked and extremely difficult to find, and During the journey, all the travelers wanted to experience the convoy frequently had to ask ordinary citizens for Bellingshausen Sea the landscape, Weddell Seathe people and their cultures as directions. Sea Turks and Caicos Islands (U.K.) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Aruba (NETH.) New York Philadelphia Washington, D.C. Santo Domingo Montréal (U.S.) Montserrat (U.K.) Bermuda (U.K.) Milwaukee Deep (deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean, -8605 m) British Virgin Islands Puerto Rico (U.K.) ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES Neth. Antilles (NETH.) Maracaibo Caracas Santiago VENEZUELA A T A C A M A D E S E R T ALTIPLANO + + Boston BOLIVIA Manaus Anguilla (U.K.) ST. KITTS AND NEVIS ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA Guadeloupe (FR.) DOMINICA Martinique (FR.) ST. LUCIA BARBADOS GRENADA Port-of-Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Gulf of St. Lawrence Georgetown Paramaribo GUYANA French Guiana (FRANCE) SURINAME Cayenne ARGENTINA PARAGUAY Córdoba Cerro Aconcagua (highest point in South America, 6962 m) Buenos Aires A N D E S I A O N A G P A T Punta Arenas Asunción URUGUAY Pôrto Alegre Montevideo + Peninsula Valdés (lowest point in South America, -40 m) St. Pierre and Miquelon (FRANCE) Belem' São Paulo Island of Newfoundland M I D - A T Brasília Rio de Janeiro L A N Belo Horizonte T I C Fortaleza R I Nuuk (Godthåb) D G E Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha (BRAZIL) Trindade (BRAZIL) AZORES (PORT.) CAPE VERDE Penedos de São Pedro e São Paulo (BRAZIL) Martin Vaz (BRAZIL) THE GAMBIA GUINEA-BISSAU SENEGAL ICELAND MAURITANIA SIERRA LEONE GUINEA Ascension Falkland Islands and wherever it stopped the team (Islas Malvinas) (administered by U.K., claimed by ARGENTINA) PORTUGAL MOROCCO LIBERIA St. Helena TRISTAN DA CUNHA IRELAND SPAIN UNITED KINGDOM A L G E R I A CÔTE D'IVOIRE Gough Island (St. Helena) M A L I St. Helena (St. Helena) FASO Ouagadougou would repeatedly put both the travelers and the electrical systems of their 2CVs to the test. The moisture (U.K.) and vibrations knocked several ignition coils out of action, but a little improvisation and a good store of spare parts kept the group moving. People waved at the convoy, Stanley met with curiosity and an eager willingness to help. M I D - A T L A N T I C R I D G E GHANA (St. Helena) BENIN TOGO NORWAY DENMARK N I G E R TUNISIA CAMEROON GABON SWEDEN FINLAND EST. LAT. LITH. CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC BELARUS BELGIUM CZECH REP. U K R A I N E LUX. LIECH. SLOVAKIA SWITZERLAND AUSTRIA HUNGARY MOLDOVA SLOVENIA ROMANIA CROATIA FRANCE BOS. & HERZ. SER. & MONT. ITALY BULGARIA ALB. MACEDONIA NIGERIA GERMANY MALTA POLAND L I B Y A REP. OF THE CONGO CHAD E G Y P T The group’s food consisted ANGOLA entirely of local food. A roadside ZAMBIA snack break in Toru-Aygyr (Kyrgyzstan). MALAWI NAMIBIA GREECE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO BOTSWANA KALAHARI DESERT S U D A N RWANDA ZIMBABWE BURUNDI GEORGIA ARMENIA AZERBAIJAN T U R K E Y UGANDA TANZANIA SYRIA KENYA closely as possible. People waved LESOTHO SWAZILAND at the convoy, and SOUTH wherever it stopped the team met with curiosity and AFRICA Bouvet Island The (NORWAY) group frequently spent the night in hotels they ISRAEL LEB. JORDAN ERITREA MOZAMBIQUE IRAQ SAUDI ETHIOPIA ARABIA YEMEN DJIBOUTI KUWAIT BAHRAIN QATAR MADAGASCAR an eager willingness to help. Children in particular Cape were amused by the characteristic chattering of the two-cylinder engines and loved having their pictures taken with the Citroëns. On June 4, after a lengthy delay, the convoy crossed the border into Iran. Here too the group was warmly received by local inhabitants. The women in the group now ISLANDS had to put on PRINCE EDWARD (SOUTH AFRICA) veils. The route followed the shores of the Caspian Sea. ÎLES CROZET (Fr. S. and Ant. Lands) SOMALIA I R A N UNITED ARAB EMIRATES SEYCHELLES K A Z A UZB TURKMENISTAN OMA French South ÎLES KERG (Fr. S. and A Amer Sh 12 + Vinson Massif (highest point in Antarctica, 5140 m) Ronne Ice Shelf A n t a r c t i c a b

Wrangel Island Chukchi Sea R U S S I A 60 K H S T A N KHOVD M O N G O L I A ALEUTIAN ISLANDS (U.S.) EKISTAN KYRGYZSTAN TAJIKISTAN AFGHANISTAN PAKISTAN NEPAL C H I N A BHUTAN NORTH KOREA SOUTH KOREA JAPAN In Tash Rabat, Kyrgyzstan the Swiss encountered mountains, marmots and edelweiss. - - N I N D I A BANGLADESH BURMA LAOS THAILAND CAMBODIA VIETNAM PHILIPPINES MARSHALL ISLANDS SRI LANKA PALAU M A L A Y S I A Equal rights in Tibet: a young woman skillfully drives a herd of yaks. I N D O N E S I A PAPUA NEW GUINEA SOLOMON ISLANDS A visit to a small school in Zanghye, China was a highlight of the trip. VANUATU FIJI TUVALU MAURITIUS ern and Antarctic Lands UELEN nt. Lands) y Ice elf (FRANCE) Heard Island and McDonald Islands (AUSTL.) ONE CONTRADICTION AFTER ANOTHER After Iran, the journey continued through Turkmenistan. Perth In contrast to the recent weight of strict Islamic customs, life in the capital city of Ashgabat had an almost western Île Amsterdam (Fr. S. and Ant. Lands) feel. By this time, the convoy was frequently accomplishing its daily mileage on unpaved washboard trails. Dust Île Saint-Paul (Fr. S. and Ant. Lands) seeped into the vehicles, covering everything. The first camels began to cross the Swiss adventurers’ path, and the landscape took on a desert-like appearance. After Uzbekistan, the group approached the border crossing into Kazakhstan. Although the caravan had made an early start and appeared at the border post in Taraz at 6:00 S O U T H E R N a.m., the crossing was closed, as was another that should have been open 40 kilometers farther on. Some 60 kilometers and no less than two hours later, the group finally found a border post where they were allowed to cross into Kazakhstan. Crossing the Tash Rabat plateau in Kyrgyzstan A U S T R A L I A at 3,100 meters’ elevation, the snow-covered peaks, marmots and edelweiss reminded the travelers strongly of Switzerland. Their average speed of about 35 kph says a lot about the state of the road, or rather trail. O C E A N Tasmania Antarctic Circle (66˚33') Macquarie Island (AUSTL.) AUCKLAND ISLANDS (N.Z.) Campbell Island (N.Z.) SNARES ISLANDS (N.Z.) 60 NEW ZEALAND Christchurch Auckland Wellington BOUNTY ISLANDS (N.Z.) ANTIPODES ISLANDS (N.Z.) CHATHAM ISLANDS (N.Z.) The project met with an enthusiastic response from the people of Kuka, China – even the police. Ross Sea MOTOREX MAGAZINE 99/50 I JULY 2013 Ross Ice Shelf 13



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