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Motorex Nordic

Motorex Nordic MOTOREX celebrated its first Swedish trade show appearance at MaskinExpo in fine weather at the end of May with a striking display area and many attractions. HJÄRTLIGT VÄLKOMNA TILL MASKINEXPO! Welcome to MaskinExpo! Scandinavia’s largest trade show for construction and forestry equipment took place in Stockholm from May 24 to 26 on a site covering more than 36 square kilometers. A perfect occasion for presenting the recently founded MOTOREX NORDIC AB to the show’s 27,000 visitors. Exhibiting at a trade show is an excellent way to rub elbows with the public. It’s a perfect opportunity to talk face-to-face to specialists from different industries and find out more about their current concerns and interests. With a prominent dome marquee and other highlights on 100 square meters of exhibit space, MOTOREX NORDIC AB was a highly visible presence at the show in Stockholm. HANDS-ON ACTION STOXA – Stockholm Outdoor Exhibition Area – lies only ten minutes from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. This year’s MaskinExpo attracted 545 exhibitors. The 36 square kilometer, park-like exhibition area is not only impressive in its dimensions, its unique and diverse landscaping is also fascinating. Four lakes, woods and gentle hills framed the exhibition of the latest machines and equipment. The venue even afforded opportunities to use the machinery in practice – visitors got the chance to do a little excavating, gravel shifting, lumber sawing and much more. What better way to get a feel for a piece of equipment than to try it out yourself? THE HUSABERG GP MACHINE The entire MOTOREX NORDIC team was at the booth for the three days of the exhibition. Edi Fischer ( Bucher 6

Much admired: this World Championship racing bike built by MOTOREX partner HUSABERG is ridden by Joakim Ljunggrens. A Swiss delegation lent support to the highly motivated MOTOREX NORDIC AB team. Right to left: Edi Fischer (CEO, Bucher Motorex group), Leif Reimelid (Sales Director), Thomas Grymark (Marketing/Customer Service) and Robert Konvalina (General Manager). Visitors had an opportunity to try out various pieces of construction equipment on the spot. MOTOREX presented the perfect solution for construction and forestry equipment at the exhibition in the form of its rapidly biodegradable OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic fluid. Motorex group), Robert Konvalina (MOTOREX NORDIC AB General Manager) and Pierre Fontannaz (Event Manager) also came from Switzerland to lend their support. An extremely diverse assortment of over 7,500 lubricant products left no visitor with any doubts that MOTOREX does its job with the utmost professionalism and is a valuable partner to the construction industry in Sweden. A further highlight for visitors to admire was Swedish world champion Joakim Ljunggrens’ Husaberg Enduro motorcycle. MOTOREX also held a drawing for VIP tickets with overnight accommo- dation for the Swedish Enduro world championship race in Karlsborg on August 25 and 26 (see preview on page 21). KNOW-HOW FROM THE Lubrication PRO MOTOREX has long had a presence on the Swedish market through distributors. Having our own branch and logistics center now allows us to serve additional new customer segments. The MOTOREX NORDIC AB team will successively develop and expand the market. The strong response at MaskinExpo shows that Swedish building contractors are happy to be able to use MOTOREX products, services and expertise. • motorex Magazine I July 2012 7



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