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motorex in the news MOTOREX DRIVER OF 2012 He loves computer and console games and can be a bit of a show-off behind the wheel of a virtual car. Grenchen garage owner Roger Hegelbach and his best friend regularly hone their speed and reaction times. The practice paid off for the owner of Mitsubishi dealer City Garage at the most recent Geneva Motor Show: His top lap time of 01:29:79 on the MOTOREX racing simulator earned him the first prize in the promo game competition, a weekend with his family at the Europapark theme park. Congratulations, and have fun at Europapark! Photo: Fotolia/I. Bartussek (Left to right:) Stefan Sury (MOTOREX Automotive Head of Sales) presents the prize to Roger Hegelbach (owner, City Garage) together with Martin Brechbühl (MOTOREX Area Manager). Grease 5100 FOR COOL APPLICATIONS The new GREASE 5100, which is suitable for extremely low temperatures down to –50 °C, is a special petroleum-based calcium grease. Its sophisticated composition prevents thickening even in extreme cold, reducing starting resistance in electric motors and similar devices. It also features high shear stability, water resistance and adhesive properties and gives effective protection against corrosion. These properties make it ideal for applications such as rail switching motors, garage doors and awnings. LONDON–SYDNEY CHARITY RIDE Seen from Europe, Darren Higginson and his four friends are both passionate videographers, cer on July 1. Darren and David, riding straight to the opposite are shooting exciting video clips side of the world, to Australia. To along the way. Once the adventurers return, they’ll upload them Sydney via China, to be precise. The adventurous British bikers to Youtube® for everyone to see. plan to put some 22,000 kilometers behind them on “light” fac- as technical partner. For continu- MOTOREX is supporting the team tory KTM 690 R Enduros. They ally updated information and impressions, see “Continental Drift” set out from London on their tour in aid of the fight against can- on Facebook®. 4

RUST OFF: SAY GOODBYE TO FLASH RUST Fixed truck and railroad car superstructures are especially vulnerable to flash rust, burnt-in brake dust, soot and oily contamination. With MOTOREX RUST OFF, these stubborn spots come off in a flash. A special anti-corrosion additive provides long-lasting protection for metal surfaces while keeping the cleaner from drying too quickly. Depending on the application, RUST OFF concentrate should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1 to 1:5. RUST OFF is free of VOCs and rapidly biodegradable. The MOTOREX patent recipe for clean road and rail containers! MOTOREX PIT STOP IN LIGNIÈRES MOTOREX has long been part of the action in Lignières. The company placed its first advertising hoardings along the legendary racetrack in Canton Neuchâtel thirty years ago. Following the purchase and comprehensive renovation of the facility by the TCS, its subsidiary Test & Training TCS now operates a popular program of safety and sport training for all vehicle categories. The track above the Bielersee/Lac de Bienne also regularly hosts vehicle tests, new model presentations and importer events. MOTOREX has expanded its presence as technical partner to Test & Training and set up a multifunctional “pit stop” in the main building. See you soon in Lignières! New Motorex Image Movie At MOTOREX, our customers and their technical applications are always at the center of our attention. In our new company video, our customers finally get the chance to provide a very interesting look into the exciting world of MOTOREX lubricant technology. Along with plenty of the latest facts about the nearly century-old Swiss family company, the main role is played by people and the benefits they enjoy from over 7,500 MOTOREX products. The video is available on the MOTOREX website and on Youtube® and Facebook®. We look forward to hearing what you think! IVM ELECTS RONALD KABELLA The German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM e.V.) represents manufacturers and importers of motorcycles and scooters, motorcycle accessories and gear. The IVM’s 52 member companies make up over 95 percent of the German motorcycle market. The IVM’s latest general assembly was held at Touratech in Niedereschach, where it elected Ronald Kabella, MOTOREX’s Head of Power Sports, to its four-member board to represent its sustaining members. Kabella, himself a passionate motorcyclist, has been intimately involved with the ins and outs of the industry for over 20 years. He was nominated by his predecessor in office, Ullrich Holzhausen. motorex Magazine I July 2012 5

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