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ox COOL IDEAS For years

ox COOL IDEAS For years TBS Sport Promotion in Berne has offered a range of services in the fields of tennis, inline skating, conditioning and crosstraining. The focus is on exercise, fun, and last but not least on the great feeling you get from playing hard. It’s hard to imagine playing tennis without these handy mo bile SKILLFUL SERVICE WITH JOKER ball carts that keep 200 tennis balls in easy reach. They’re everywhere at TBS’s annual youth tennis camps, where the athletic Céline is one of the regulars. One of many cool aspects here is the not-quitetraditional way of servicing the ball cart. The fine red sand used on tennis courts, with three millimeter or even smaller grains, doesn’t just get into shoes and socks, but some- times also clogs the cart’s metal wheels. No problem, though: with MOTOREX JOKER universal spray, Céline scores big here too! • Perfect service requires not just talent and training, but also the right products: Céline (11) helps her instructor Michi Ruf fix the ball cart. Photo: TBS Sport Promotion GmbH, Berne DID YOU KNOW THAT… The impressive headquarters of J&L Exploitation SARL in Casablanca, Morocco. MOTOREX recently signed a very active importer in Morocco in J&L Exploitation SARL. The idea of importing highquality lubricants from Switzerland to the North African country came from Serge Luy, a Swiss national who became aware of MOTOREX through frequent positive feedback from Europe and notable racing triumphs. Rapidly expanding mobility, modern power plants, extreme climatic conditions and new industrial applications demand proper lubrication, even in Morocco. Still young, the company is based in Casablanca, from whence it is systematically developing the market. It has already successfully solved more than one tricky lubrication challenge. Morocco is the Maghreb country closest to Europe, making it an important gateway to the continent of Africa. • ottorex 22




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