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practice Photos:

practice Photos: Salzburg AG, St. Wolfgang UP WITH HIGH-TEMPERATURE STEAM CYLINDER OIL Steam locomotives are a popular attraction and a sure way to create nostalgic moments. The Schafbergbahn on Lake Wolfgang in Austria’s Salzkammergut is no exception. Its steam engines are all lubricated with HIGH-TEMPERATURE STEAM CYLINDER OIL from MOTOREX. The Schafbergbahn, a cog railway with a one-meter track gauge, opened in 1893. Starting at St. Wolfgang in Austria’s Salzkammergut, the 5.85-kilometer line ascends 1.188 meters to the prominent Schafberg mountain in about 45 minutes. The upper station is 1.730 meters above sea level. The line is not electrified and is mainly operated by four modern oil-fired steam engines built from 1992 onwards and numbered Z 11 through Z 14. The same type of loco motive, incidentally, is also used on the Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn/Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. Fully laden, one train (locomotive plus two front-hitched cars seating 50 passengers each) weighs 34 tonnes. It is driven by a two-cylinder super heated steam engine with slide valve gear and an output of approximately 450 hp. One trip up the mountain consumes 130 liters of diesel and vaporizes 1200 liters of water. STEAM TEMPERATURES OF UP TO 280 °C Lubricating steam engine cylinders requires special, unalloyed mineral oils with high thermal stability. The oil is extremely viscous when cold (ISO VG 1500!) and begins to flow freely only when the engine is running and the steam heats it. The temperature of normal steam can exceed 100 °C, that of saturated steam is 150–200 °C, and superheated steam significantly exceeds temperatures of 200 °C. Even under these conditions, MOTOREX HIGH-TEMPERATURE STEAM CYLINDER OIL reliably lubricates cylinders, valves and rods in any situation. It also boasts low residue formation and evaporation. FOR RUNNING AND SLIDING SURFACES A mechanical Vogel grease lubrication pump forces the HIGH-TEMPERATURE STEAM CYLINDER OIL from a two-kilo tank via force pilot operated lubricant dispensers through high-pressure lines to the lubrication points, supplying all parts that come in contact with steam, such as the valve chest and piston chamber as well as the piston and valve stem bearings. It is in service not only on the way up the mountain, but also when coming back down, when no steam is used and the cylinders are used to suck in and compress ambient air. Injecting a little water keeps the temperature from exceeding 280 °C. This mechanism is known as a Riggenbach counter-pressure brake, in which the cylinders and pistons function as compressors. Here too the right lubricant properties are essential for keeping the running and sliding surfaces perfectly lubricated under load. Good to see: the supply tank, mounted right next to the grease lubrication pump (in photo at right on top). For the past ten years the Schafbergbahn has been using MOTOREX HIGH-TEMPERATURE STEAM CYLINDER OIL with outstanding results. • 20

EVENT Photo: ABC Communication After Chile, Argentina, Spain, Portugal and Italy, the next Grand Prix in the Enduro World Championship (EWC) will be held in Karlsborg, Sweden. Named the HUSABERG Grand Prix in honor of the Swedish motorbike manufacturer’s 20th anniversary, it will be taking place on August 25 and 26. PREVIEW HUSABERG GRAND PRIX IN KARLSBORG The Enduro World Championship and its eight qualifying rounds are hugely popular with off-road motorcycling fans, especially those in Scandinavia. MOTOREX is the official lubrication technology partner to the Championship’s organizer and has a highly visible presence at all events. The Karlsborg Grand Prix will be an occasion for double celebrations in Sweden: in honor of HUSABERG’s 20 th anniversary, the Grand Prix has been named after the Swedish motorbike manufacturer and an accompanying festival program is planned. This is obviously the perfect opportunity for MOTOREX to further raise its brand profile in Sweden. HUSABERG: 100% ENDURO Founded by Thomas Gustavson, Husaberg Motor AB originally focused on manufacturing Enduro and Supermoto bikes with single-cylinder, four-stroke engines. The machines enjoyed the reputation of having particularly good frames that were ideally suited to off-road conditions in Scandinavia. The company’s first model, the FE 501, won the Enduro European Championships the year it was launched! In 1995 HUSABERG was acquired by the Aus trian motorbike producer KTM, and production was transferred to KTM headquarters in Mattighofen, Austria, in 2003. However, the motorsports department is still based in Sweden. In model year 2011, HUSABERG launched its first-ever two-stroke engined bikes. tory-filled and assembled with MOTOREX products. The official HUSABERG factory team of four riders – Joakim Ljunggren (Sweden, starting number 3), Pierre-Alexandre Renet (France, starting number 4), Oriol Mena (Spain, starting number 5) and Mathias Bellino (France, starting number 6) – also relies on MOTOREX. All four riders will be competing for World Championship points at the HUSABERG Grand Prix in Karlsborg. CONGRATULATIONS MOTOREX is particularly looking forward to hosting Mr Jonas Zetterman from “Industrihydraulik, Västerås” at the Swedish Grand Prix. This VIP guest won first prize in the competition run by MOTOREX at MaskinExpo in Stockholm. The prize is a visit to the HUSABERG Grand Prix with accommodation and a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the Enduro World Championship and the HUSABERG factory team. For all the latest news from the EWC, visit the Championship’s website at • Photo: J. Edmunds/KTM PARTNERSHIP WITH MOTOREX HUSABERG benefits from MOTOREX’s successful partnership with KTM in the form of race-proven lubricants and expertise. As a result, all HUSABERG bikes are fac- Joakim Ljunggren’s skilful riding and good results have made the talented Swede a huge hit with his home crowd. motorex Magazine I July 2012 21

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