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industry The tool holder

industry The tool holder on the Tornos MultiSwiss 6×14 is now pierced to guide machining fluid precisely to the critical spot between the tool cutting edge and the workpiece. CUTTING OIL AS ENGINEERING FACTOR FOR GREATER INNOVATION Technology company Tornos has launched one innovative product after another, most recently surprising customers with its revolutionary MultiSwiss 6×14. For years now MOTOREX has been involved from the planning stage of new product development, lending its expertise as lubrication specialist. Tornos development engineers are quick to acknowledge that the cutting oil used is an engineering factor in its own right. Creative R&D teams are expected to incorporate innovative technologies into new products reliably and economically. With pioneering MOTOREX products, Tornos enjoys the broadest available range of development options in the realm of lubrication technology. A PRIME EXAMPLE: TORNOS MULTISWISS 6×14 The new product range skillfully combines single and multi-spindle turning machines. The MultiSwiss, for example, has six sliding headstocks and uses a torque motor for indexing the spindle drums. This makes it fast, capable of reaching cycle times nearly as high as cam-controlled multi-spindle turning machines. The cutting oil performs every lubrication function throughout the machine, including: • Cooling the machine, tool and workpiece • Lubrication and pressure regulation between the cutting edge and workpiece • Hydrodynamic lubrication of the hydrostatic head-stock bearings with ultrafine-filtered (5 μ) cutting oil • Flushing swarf and abrasive residue from the machine to the integrated tape filter (50 μ) and then to the microfilters (5 μ) • Protecting all oil-wetted components from corrosion A FIRST: HYDROSTATIC BUSHINGS The hydrostatic bushings for the 6 headstocks are a world first. With very powerful synchronous motors, the headstocks are spun up from zero to 8,000 rpm in 18

MULTISWISS 6×14 Fluid Circle Diagram using MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X ISO VG 15 80 bar Hydrostatic bearings Optional water radiator External water supply 5 bar 3.5 bar Spindle cooling Regular pressure coolant Used oil tank 2–3 mm chips Double circuit oil/water heat exchanger 1.6 bar 1.6 bar The heart of the machine: the machining area with its 6 sliding headstocks. Its multi-tool design makes it possible to mount up to 18 different tools simultaneously. 40/80 bar High pressure (option) Paper filter 50 µm 1.6 bar Filter 5 µm Filter 5 µm Hydrostatic oil tank (240l) Clean oil tank (880l) There are no fewer than 1,120 liters of cutting oil circulating inside the new MultiSwiss 6x14. The oil circuit is complex and includes several filters. In addition, the entire machine is thermally stabilized using a powerful cooler/heat exchanger unit. An integrated tape filter processes the cutting oil, generally at 50 μ, and an additional approximately 240 liter tank supplies the hydrostatic bearings with ORTHO NF-X, micro-filtered at 5μ. less than one second, giving the machine unparalleled start-up performance. In addition to its own C-axis, this type of headstock also has its own Z-axis, which is guided by hydrostatic bearings. This achieves a pronounced damping effect, significantly extending tool life and improving surface finish. It is precisely this aspect that makes MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X a key success factor in implementing the new technology in series production. The hydrodynamic characteristics required for the cutting oil to function reliably as a sort of liquid bearing at 80 bar pressure and up to 8,000 rpm speak for themselves. Because reliability is the top priority at Tornos, the newly developed product was successfully tested in extreme conditions (40 million cycles) in all imaginable circumstances. MULTITALENTED ORTHO NF-X Practically all new products at Tornos’ development department are filled with Ortho NF-X high-performance universal cutting oil from MOTOREX. In SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X, MOTOREX has developed a single chlorine- and heavy metal-free machining fluid that is capable of flawlessly working not only stainless and implant steels, but also non-ferrous metals and aluminium. This is an absolute first in modern manufacturing technology and gives the R&D team maximum scope. STATE-OF-THE-ART SOLUTION The fact that MultiSwiss 6x14 combines all lubrication functions in a single fluid is a logistical convenience, but there is also another, much more important reason. Current good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines require all processes to be documented and reproducible. Consequently, manufacturers of products such as medical devices prefer to use a single machining fluid wherever possible. MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X meets this requirement. • More scope for innovation “For the past three years or so, we have only been using Ortho NF-X at our Research and Development department in Moutier. Through ongoing collaboration with MOTOREX, we have been able to go significantly further than before in the area of lubrication and cooling. This was especially true during development of the MultiSwiss 6×14.” Patrick Pellicanno – Specialist in machining design and set-up, Tornos SA, Moutier motorex Magazine I July 2012 19



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