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Topic Just one example

Topic Just one example of sophisticated forestry equipment requiring perfect maintenance: a state-of-the-art Gremo 1350 VT forwarder during servicing. READY FOR THE FOREST? Although timber is now harvested year-round, forestry equipment is still often serviced in spring and summer. As Werner Stoll, a specialist in agricultural machinery from Wilchingen, knows well, “a machine can only operate reliably and efficiently if it’s properly maintained and regularly lubricated.” We peer over his shoulder in the shop. Finding the right moment to perform maintenance on forestry equipment is no easy matter. Many customers are thankful if the equipment dealer takes the initiative of reminding them why maintenance work should be carried out before the high season. It goes without saying that flexibility and especially knowledge of specific machines (application, age, special equipment, etc.) are in high demand. MAINTENANCE BY THE BOOK For complex machines such as harvesters, forwarders and skidders, several days should often be allowed for major maintenance. Generally two mechanics work on the machine at the same time. Sometimes the operator helps too, since knowing how to work on the machine can be very useful for fixing breakdowns, making adjustments, etc. Werner Stoll and his team use MOTOREX FARMER LINE products for maintenance on all machines. They appreciate having a single supplier for all lubricants and care products. This saves time and guarantees compatibility among the products they use. “That way I know there’ll be no arguments,” says Stoll, who among other things oversees examinations 14

for graduating apprentice agricultural equipment mechanics. A COMPELLING SOLUTION: OEKOSYNT HEES Rapidly biodegradable OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic fluid is perfect for heavy-duty forestry equipment. Stoll has been around since the development of the first biological hydraulic fluids in the late 1980s until today and is a true believer in the benefits of OEKO- SYNT HEES. An oil sample is sent to the MOTOREX lab for analysis every time a piece of equipment undergoes major maintenance. Sample analysis is part of MOTOREX’s service package and is also available in export markets such as Austria and Sweden. The forwarder in the photo has filters in its hydraulic fluid circuit that are capable of eliminating the finest particles of down to five microns (0.005 mm) in size. “With hydraulic fluid, we rely completely on the MOTOREX lab analysis. By changing the fluid at the right time, we not only help the business owner save money but also protect the environment,” says Stoll with a touch of pride. In the machine in the photo, the fluid in the loading crane was drained to change the hoses. The remainder, a good 140 liters, can go back to work thanks to a positive lab finding and regular filter changes after every 5,000 hours of operation! Visibly enthusiastic: Werner Stoll uses MOTOREX laboratory services and turns them deftly to competitive advantage. The operator’s duty: regular lubrication. Here GREASE 190 is being applied to the joint of a loading crane grab. MAKING MAINTENANCE VISIBLE After a machine undergoes maintenance, the customer should be able to see immediately that it has been serviced. A thorough cleaning also makes it easier to identify hidden damage. Once the machine’s exterior has been washed and dried, barium-free ROSTSCHUTZOEL GRÜN 186 is ideal for corrosion-proofing. It not only makes the equipment shine, but also protects it for months against oxidation. Careful cleaning and care of the operator’s cab is especially important. Squeaking door and hood hinges are no way to greet the customer. Proven care and cleaning products, many available in practical spray form, make it easy to freshen up any material in a jiffy. Cosmetic detailing following maintenance or on used machines and vehicles puts your professionalism right before your customers’ eyes. It’s often the details that create a good impression after maintenance or on a piece of used equipment. Cleaning the backup camera: a little windshield washer fluid and a few minutes’ work are enough to ensure a clear rear view. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact your MOTOREX partner or the Technical Customer Service. Our experts have a great deal of experience and have been working with agricultural machinery dealers and importers for years. • Now that it has been serviced, this gleaming forwarder also looks well maintained. motorex Magazine I July 2012 15



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