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WHAT’S NEW Whether

WHAT’S NEW Whether it’s construction machinery, commercial vehicles, passenger cars or stationary equipment, they’re guaranteed to run with WINTER PROOF, no matter how long the cold weather lasts. WINTER-READY WITH WINTER PROOF “First thing in the morning, it’s –14 below zero Celsius, and your engine refuses to start. Could you still have some summer diesel in your tank or has water condensed, frozen and blocked the filter?” You surely remember the last cold snap and all the trouble people went through to bring their diesel engines back to life. With WINTER PROOF and a few tips from MOTOREX, you’ll have no need to fear Jack Frost this year. Winter temperatures have been relatively moderate in recent years, and diesel engines have performed well even during the colder seasons. From the third week of January to about the end of February 2012, however, a cold snap meant extra work for many a mechanic. The lowest temperature in Europe – 45° below zero Celsius – was mea s- ured on the Glattalp in Canton Schwyz at 1,800 meters above sea level. In general, vehicles and machinery in high altitude regions such as Engadin tend to be quite well prepared for winter and low temperatures. COLD-PROOF DOWN TO –20 °C Most fuel companies offer winter diesel with a cloud point of –15° to –20 °C from mid-November until the end of February. The busier filling stations generally have winter fuel, but smaller stations in the lower regions sometimes still have some summer diesel, which has a cloud point of +5 °C, in their tanks if the cold weather arrives suddenly. This shifts the overall cloud point sharply upwards. Companies also often fill up their own tanks and fleet fueling facilities in the autumn, forgetting that this leaves them without adequate protection against waxing. The resulting breakdowns and work stoppages are not only frustrating, but can also cost a great deal of money. AT THE RIGHT MOMENT In extreme cold though, problems can occur even with winter diesel. Adding MOTOREX WINTER PROOF to fuel early, while temperatures are still above +5 °C, prevents early crystallization of wax particles. WINTER PROOF uses special additives to influence crystal growth, resulting in a large quantity of wax crystals that are small enough to pass through the fuel filter instead of fewer 6

HOW CLOUD POINT IMPROVER WORKS + = Sharp increase in large wax crystal formation: poor flow characteristics (in cold weather) WINTER PROOF added (at +5 °C) Controlled formation of small wax crystals: good flow characteristics (in cold weather) Always add WINTER PROOF before fueling. Let the engine run for five minutes to ensure the cold protection reaches the entire system. An unexpected cold spell is all it takes for wax crystals to shut down the fuel system, for example by clogging the filter. It is particularly important to clear water condensation from the fuel filter and tank regularly. bigger ones. This greatly improves the fuel’s cold filter plugging point (CFPP). MOTOREX WINTER PROOF is suitable for both diesel fuel (but not biodiesel!) and heating oil. But don’t wait till it’s too late! Adding WINTER PROOF won’t dissolve wax crystals that have already formed. • Keep vehicles and equipment indoors during extreme cold. • Make sure batteries are always well charged. • Check alternator V-belt tension. • Check motor oil viscosity. VALUABLE TIPS In general, it’s a good idea to take the precautionary measures below with exposed vehicles and diesel-powered machinery: • Check early whether diesel fuel is winter-ready. • Add WINTER PROOF for comprehensive protection. • Remove water from fuel systems, tanks and filters daily. • Change fuel filters regularly. • Protect and/or insulate exposed filters, hoses and pipes. • Try to park vehicles in locations that are shielded from wind. BEFORE FUELING Shake WINTER PROOF well and pour it into the tank before fueling. The mixing ratio depends on the quality of the diesel fuel. One liter of WINTER PROOF is enough to winterize 250 to 1000 liters of diesel. MOTOREX’s Technical Customer Service and your regional representative will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Because one thing is sure – next winter is coming, and there are bound to be some very cold days! • MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2012 7



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