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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS ETHANOL BOOSTER? NO PROBLEM! Ethanol is a form of alcohol derived from biomass that is mixed with gasoline in different proportions. For example, E10 indicates 10 % ethanol, while E85 is 85 %. Everyday unleaded 95 also often contains up to 5 % ethanol. In the presence of water condensation, ethanol has a tendency to separate from the fuel mixture, which can lead to oxidation. ETHANOL BOOSTER fuel additive prevents separation, meeting a timely need by ensuring optimum combustion. Especially during lengthy down times, ETHANOL BOOSTER prevents separation, improves starting performance, helps remove water and protects the fuel system against corrosion. ETHANOL BOOSTER can be used with any two-stroke or four-stroke fuel containing ethanol. UCI WORLD MOUNTAIN BIKE CHAMPIONSHIP IN AUSTRIA From August 29 to September 9, the towns of Saalfelden and Leogang in Austria’s Salzburgerland were the epicenter of the mountain biking world. MOTOREX was at this year’s world championships both as the organizer’s official lubricant supplier and as sponsor of renowned riders and teams including the Swiss Cycling Team – which promptly carried off a historic haul of medals. With six gold, two silver and two bronze medals, Switzerland confirmed its place as the dominant nation in MTB world! See the enclosed 2012 Racing Report for further results. RACING REPORT 2012 NO. 2/12 I DECEMBER 2012 I MOTOREX COUNTS TO THE BEST EMPLOYERS OF 2012 MOTOREX DOESN’T MAKE JUST PRODUCTS. BUT ALSO WORLD CHAMPIONS. MOTOCROSS 3 Italy: Pasta, Amore and Motocross ROAD RACING1 11 15 podium finishes in 17 races BIKE 16 World Champion at the premiere It has been another excellent season for drivers and riders who use MOTOREX. Their achievements this year include no less than 11 world champion titles. See the enclosed 2012 Racing Report for more information, or check it out online at: Each year the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award recognizes the best employers in Switzerland. Any business with over 100 employees is eligible to compete. Nearly 100 companies with over 22,000 employees were considered for the 2012 Award. Over 200 MOTOREX employees filled out questionnaires for the competition, providing plenty of information for the decision. We are extremely proud that MOTOREX has been chosen as one of the 30 most attractive employers in Switzerland. The recognition is testament to MOTOREX’s belief that only happy employees can keep customers happy and loyal in the long term. 4

SHERCO CHILE RUNS ON MOTOREX French Enduro and trial motorcycle manufacturer SHERCO, currently represented in some 50 countries worldwide, is something of a best-kept secret among insiders. In Chile the official SHERCO importer, a longtime MOTOREX customer, will be competing on a SHERCO SR 450 in the 2013 Dakar Rally starting January 5, 2013. Next year’s Rally will again be held in South America (Peru, Argentina and Chile), finishing in Santiago de Chile on January 20. The photo shows SHERCO brand manager and Dakar 2013 competitor Axel Heilenkotter along with Felipe Olivares, General Director of MOTOREX Chile. Needless to say, the SHERCO motorcycle importer in Chile not only uses MOTOREX in all its racing activities, but also throughout its dealer network. MALWA COUNTS ON SWISS QUALITY Malwa International AB develops, manufactures and markets efficient and environmentally friendly forestry equipment in a segment below the larger machines. The company was founded in 2009 by Magnus and Madeleine Wallin in Hyssna, just outside Gothenburg. In 2012 Malwa began to expand beyond Sweden’s borders and the company now has dealers in Norway, Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. From the very first day, the company has focused on producing small machines based on big-machine technology. Its base machine, the Malwa 460 forwarder, features state-of-the-art technology including load-sensing hydraulics, a Danfoss hydrostatic transmission and Parker IQAN systems for both loader and transmission. Malwa currently uses MOTOREX products including COREX HV 46 and, in some markets, OEKOSYNT HEES 46 and 68 for the hydraulic system. The engine and transmission are filled with FARMER TRAC SAE 10W/30 and the cooling system uses MOTOREX coolant. “Our collaboration with MOTOREX Nordic AB has gotten off to a great start, and we are extremely pleased with the support and expertise offered by the MOTOREX staff,” says Magnus Wallin. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2012 5



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