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PRACTICE Photo: Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG GREASE 3800 TS LASTS At 3029 meters, the station at the peak of the Kitzsteinhorn is the highest point in the Salzburg region that most people can comfortably access. To keep things running smoothly, the maintenance pros here depend on MOTOREX 3800 TS long-life grease. Keeping equipment running safely requires regular lubrication in accordance with a maintenance and lubrication plan. It doesn’t take an expert to know that regularly lubricated systems are less subject to wear and work more reliably. When it comes to safe operation of the 25 or so facilities and three state-of-the-art cable lifts in the Zell am See/Kaprun ski area, the maintenance pros at Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG depend on MOTOREX 3800 TS long-life grease. A PROVEN FORMULA MOTOREX GREASE 3800 TS is a special long-lasting EP (extreme pressure) grease built on a semi-synthetic base stock thickened with lithium soap. GREASE 3800 TS is completely stable under high pressure and resistant to oxidation. These characteristics make it perfect for initial and ongoing lubrication of roller and slide bearings. It is an ideal choice for bearings exposed to extreme operating conditions and wide temperature fluctuations, as in cableways. Very good water resistance and exceptional adhesiveness give the grease a long service life and significantly longer service intervals. The grease meets the KP2 N-30 specification under the DIN 51502 standard. VERSATILE APPLICATIONS This versatile technical grease can be used in the most extreme temperature conditions (–30° to +140 °C). The cableway pros in Kaprun use it to grease everything from the roller assemblies of the pylons and cable sheave bearings of all cableways to the running gear of the aerial tramway. The maintenance staff particularly appreciate the universal applicability and long greasing intervals that are possible with GREASE 3800 TS. Even in low temperatures, no special effort is needed when using GREASE 3800 TS to freshly grease lubrication points. The grease and tools should, however, always be stored at room temperature and kept safe from freezing. The lifts are ready and the first snow has already fallen – let the winter season begin! • 20

INSIDE We are deeply saddened by the passing of our senior boss and longtime Chairman of the Board Edy Bucher. After a brief hospital stay, he was released from his suffering at the age of 88. We have lost a dedicated and genial company leader, whose charisma and goodness of heart will live on in our memories. A HEARTFELT THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US Edy Bucher was a great leader whose broad outlook was always open to innovative ideas. With his tireless dedication, strong will and tenacity, he led MOTOREX to worldwide success during over 50 years at the helm. His modest and helpful manner frequently transformed contacts with customers and business associates into lasting friendships. “Every order is a gift, not an imposition” These wise words are his, and the example he set brought them to life for us again and again. In 1944, aged just 20, Edy Bucher joined his father’s company and was confronted with the harsh business climate of the times. The company was about to move from Bützberg to Langenthal. Besides overseeing construction, he made sales calls with customers in the surrounding area by bicycle. War raged just beyond the Swiss borders, and raw material shortages caused production shortfalls. Even after the war was over, a dearth of goods to sell kept him from fully resuming what he considered his “most enjoyable activity” – personal sales visits to customers in his converted charcoal-powered car. Every day the small team struggled to keep the company alive. These deprivations and worries had a profound impact on the junior manager, strengthening his pioneering spirit, straightforward character and iron will. He sold with enthusiasm and an inner flame, knowing that his customers were his real employer. As an entrepreneur, Edy Bucher was distinguished by his willingness to take considered risks, innate honesty and persistency of action. Our MOTOREX brand, the vision of imminent widespread motorization and with it our courageous entry into the lubricant industry, the green barrels, our systematic investments in buildings and technical equipment as well as advertising were the milestones on his road to success. Employee welfare, fair pay, continuous training and a good workplace climate were always dear to his heart. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Edy Bucher for his decades of personal dedication to this venture to which he devoted his heart and soul. He made MOTOREX what it is; his mark is still visible everywhere, yesterday, today and tomorrow. His personality, his warmth and his indomitable will live on in all of us and will continue to show us the way. We bow before our leader of many years and his great life’s work. We miss Edy Bucher and will never forget him. • BUCHER MOTOREX Group Board of Directors, Management Board and staff MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2012 21



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