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INDUSTRY Small but

INDUSTRY Small but exquisite – HK Precision Parts in Ronkonkoma, NY (photo: Hans Kocher) has established itself as a precision manufacturer of bar turning parts specializing in “Swiss-style turning”. HK PRECISION PARTS: SWISS QUALITY, MADE IN THE USA! When Hans Kocher came to the United States in the 1980s, he brought with him not just a love for the land of opportunity, but also a great deal of expertise in bar turning. By 1994, the quality-obsessed Swiss national was ready to take the leap of starting his own business by founding HK Precision Parts Inc. Swiss machine tools and MOTOREX are both key contributors to his success story. A native of Meinisberg near Biel/Bienne, Hans Kocher founded the company in New York State in 1994 together with his wife. Today the firm, which is based in Ronkonkoma on Long Island, New York occupies an area of roughly 1,115 square meters and employs eight people. HK Precision Parts uses more than 18 different machines, mostly from Star and Tornos, to produce turned parts from non-ferrous metals, aluminum, various types of steel, titanium and synthetic materials. The company covers every area of machining, from challenging one-off pieces to comprehensive mass production. SPECIALIZING IN “SWISS-STYLE TURNING” In the United States, “Swiss-style turning” refers to the conceptual standard design of long-turning automatic 18

HK is nothing if not international. People from five countries work here on a range of machines that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the market. Thanks to business leaders with a knack for innovation, cutting oil has shed its image as a “low-interest” product. These days it is capable of truly masterful performance between the cutting tool blade and the workpiece. screw machines. The required tolerances are in the micrometer range – in other words, down to one ten thousandth of a millimeter or inch. For a long time, combining long-turning automatic screw machines with CNC control was seen as quite exotic, and the industry continued to work with conventional fixed-head lathe/ chucker turning machines for many years. By employing the latest Tornos and Star machining centers, Hans Kocher put his faith in high tech from the very start. extremely careful not to mix the fluid with any other lubricants. As a result, only tiny quantities of oil need to be disposed of, which in the United States costs more than the new product itself! For years, this proven approach has helped HK Precision Parts save costs, thereby stea dily improving process consistency and productivity in the face of tough competition. Using SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X, which is free of chlorine, zinc and heavy metals, also improves the quality of the workplace. HK PRECISION PARTS MEETS EUROLINE INC. While searching for high-quality, high-performance machining fluids in 1998, Hans Kocher met Peter Feller, owner of Euroline Inc. of New Milford. Euroline also has Swiss roots and has been importing MOTOREX products to the United States for over 25 years. With a core competency in industrial applications, Peter Feller knows what many clients want from modern cutting oils and coolant-lubricants: suitability for any kind of work along with high performance and easy handling. BREAKTHROUGH WITH ORTHO NF-X Anyone running a bar turning operation understands the fundamental significance of cutting oil. Thanks to ORTHO NF-X’s vast range of applications, MOTOREX has not only won over Hans Kocher, but also several other companies in the United States. Its universal range of uses and top quality have a direct bearing on its convenience and cost efficiency. For example, ORTHO NF-X can be used to process first stainless steel, then aluminum and finally brass without the need for a fluid change. This has reduced HK’s logistics expenses (–60%) and recycling costs (–96%) significantly. The latter was achieved in part by periodically filtering the cutting oil and topping up with fresh ORTHO NF-X, being CUTTING COSTS – PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT By eliminating disposal costs and various complex procedures required when working with multiple types of cutting oil, HK Precision Parts makes optimum use of production capacity even with a mixed machining workload. The result is significant cost optimization, easily offsetting the Swiss product’s slightly higher purchase price according to Hans Kocher’s calculations. The bottom line is that he can produce for 12% less with ORTHO NF-X. A perfectly fitting result for the USA, the land of superlatives. • This 15-mm high-precision brass atomizer shaft for a textile machine was manufactured on a Tornos Deco 2000 shortly after finishing a series of stainless steel parts using ORTHO NF-X. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2012 19



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