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NORDIC Photos: SA Event

NORDIC Photos: SA Event & Snowmobile Lapland CALL OF THE WILD A growing number of people are responding to the call of the outdoors by racing through snow-covered landscapes on snowmobiles and discovering the fascinating beauty of the far North. And that’s precisely what Sune Andersson of SA Event in Vilhelmina in southern Lapland is offering. The professional outdoors man relies on proven MOTOREX products for his motor sleds and other vehicles. When you book an experience with SA Event in the Swedish part of Lapland, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Sune Andersson and his team offer a multitude of exciting activities in the great outdoors. Of course a certain level of physical fitness is expected, given that temperatures around 30° below zero Celsius are not uncommon! That’s no problem for the secret stars of the scene, however: they’re all equipped with powerful engines and perfectly prepared for heavy-duty performance. A WIDE SELECTION Each event is tailor-made for customers and designed to deliver not only driving skills, but also and especially fun. SA Event offers snowmobile classes, safety training, excursions and pure fun programs – and these are just a few of the activities that the creative company offers in collaboration with Snowmobile Lapland. The latter company markets and organizes each event with impeccable professionalism; SA Event then carries them out. SWISS QUALITY Sune Andersson’s top priority is having reliable vehicles, especially in difficult conditions. Their engines are often started in extremely low temperatures and are then run at full load soon after reaching the prescribed minimum temperature. In convoy sledding, moreover, smokefree fuel combustion is a must, even for two-stroke engines. Developed in close collaboration with leading international snowmobile manufacturers and produced using selected raw materials and innovative formulas, MOTOREX’s POLAR motor oils are in the top class worldwide. 16

Class participants learn to navigate slippery surfaces on snow and ice, feeling their way to the physical limits. Fascinated by everything to do with engines: Sune Andersson, proprietor of SA Event, knows the importance of top-quality lubricants. In extremely low temperatures, reliable snowmobiles are the most crucial factor in any event. Afterwards participants can enjoy a sauna as a reward. Fully synthetic SAE 0W/40 special formula POLAR SYNT 4T (API SM, SL, SJ) is perfectly designed for operation at very low temperatures. Operators of twostroke engines can choose between fully synthetic POLAR SYNT 2T or semi-synthetic ADVENTURE 2T (both API TC, JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD). The state-of-the-art formulas of these two-stroke motor oils offer improved lubrication and antiwear properties, cold-start behavior and low-residue combustion. All MOTOREX snowmobile motor oils are available in the practical “elephant trunk” bottle as well as other package sizes. A VERY SLIPPERY RIDE One especially popular activity is riding on ice trails. A wide range of vehicles such as cars, crosskarts, quads, motorcycles and of course snowmobiles can be used to safely practice “drifting” in a controlled slide on snow and ice. It’s not just enormous fun, but also gives participants a controlled way to practice driving in extreme situations after first attending a theoretical presentation to help understand what’s going on. SA Event generally offers snow and ice classes during the period from January to April. FULL SERVICE ON REQUEST As an experienced organizer, Snowmobile Lapland offers a full range of accompanying services for events to make sure every guest and every group gets its money’s worth. On request, participants can take advantage of a unique full-service package. A plane provides a comfortable flight to Vilhelmina Airport. After that the package includes everything from transportation, accommodation and the event itself through to meals – to say nothing of having the magnificent Swedish landscape right next door. Although it’s sure to be cold, the anticipation of breathtaking activities, and of course the region’s typical wood-burning saunas, bathe the entire experience in a warm, golden (northern) light. • No oval ice circuit is complete without a good old Volvo – with rear-wheel drive, of course! Guaranteed fun. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2012 17



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