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EXPORT Photo: KTM/Van Horebeek New from MOTOREX: A wide range of high-quality polyester foam air filters. NEW: MOTOREX AIR FILTER MOTOREX has a great deal of expertise in the field of air filter oils and cleaning products. Now the Swiss lubricant technology specialist has applied this knowledge to develop a perfectly tuned assortment of high-quality polyester foam filters. Air filters are mostly kept tucked away, but we expect them to withstand a wide range of conditions and keep an equally wide range of substances from harming our engines. Whether it’s the finest sand, coarse sludge or abrasive dust, the natural elements are all too quick to swirl their way into the air filter housing. To keep an engine running at top performance at all times, the air filter must provide reliable protection against the smallest contaminants while also allowing it to breathe freely in even the dirtiest environments. SOPHISTICATED ENGINEERING Developed in cooperation with a renowned European manufacturer, MOTOREX AIR FILTERS are specially engineered to meet just these performance expectations. The heart of every MOTOREX AIR FILTER is the filter medium, which is made of a polyester foam material developed specially for off-road use. The material is easy to clean compared to conventional cotton gauze or paper filters, dries quickly and can be returned to service after a short interval. The special polyester mixture resists heavy contamination and retains its shape and filtering properties even after numerous washes. Each filter consists of two layers of open-cell polyester foam of different porosity flame-laminated into a single unit. The cells of the outer layer act as a pre-filter, stopping coarse contaminants, while the fine-pored inner cell layer reliably filters out even the smallest dirt particles. 14

MOTOREX AIR FILTERS are the right choice for keeping your engine breathing easy even under extreme conditions. This cross section clearly shows several layers of open-cell polyester foam of differing porosity bonded into a single structure. The MOTOREX AIR FILTER CLEANING KIT includes cleaner and air filter oil along with extras like a dirt grille and a cleaning and oiling basin. FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE But MOTOREX AIR FILTERS not only offer maximum protection, they also set the stage for top engine performance. These high-performance filters are designed for improved air volume around the filter and increased pressure at the intake, but they are also significantly slower to clog than conventional filters in off-road conditions. The special cell structure also allows for higher airflow than conventional filters even when dirty. The engine responds with more performance, better torque and significantly greater responsiveness. THE WINNING COMBINATION MOTOREX AIR FILTERS’ practically unlimited reusability is a major advantage. MOTOREX has also developed a special line of cleaning and oiling products to go with them. RACING BIO DIRT REMOVER in powder form and RACING BIO LIQUID POWER filter oil not only deliver top performance, they are also biodegradable. The complete AIR FILTER CLEANING KIT, for professional air filter care from A to Z, rounds out a full range of air filter products. ORIGINAL FILTER REPLACEMENTS All MOTOREX AIR FILTERS are certified for street use and are produced in the European Union. They can be used as direct replacements for original filters without further modification and are available for all major motocross, ATV, Enduro and cross-country models. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2012 15



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