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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS “TWIST CLIC” FOR BIKE LINE MOTOREX provides a practical new feature on all 100-ml BIKE LINE bottles in the form of the new “Twist Clic” dosage cap. The handy container opens easily with a quick twist of the cap, and it’s easy to apply just the right amount of the contents, such as MOTOREX BIKE LINE DRY LUBE chain lubricant, at the lubrication point. The following products will be supplied with the new cap: DRY LUBE, WET LUBE, CHAIN LUBE and HYDRAULIC FLUID 75. There is no change in the composition of the fluids, which are proven worldwide both on-road and off. Caring for your bike has never been easier! FIELD TRIP TO MOTOREX A field trip to MOTOREX offers a chance to see what lies behind the MOTOREX brand, what goes into the world-renowned Swiss quality and much more. Fifteen MOTOREX agricultural machinery dealers brought their customers to visit the birthplace of MOTOREX products in Langenthal during the months of January through March. Over 600 visitors took plant tours to see for themselves and learn about all the major steps in the development and production of MOTOREX lubrication and care products. OPEN CLOSE Guests quickly learned what to look out for when choosing a top quality lubricant at an interesting lecture. Many of the visitors were customers who have depended on MOTOREX for generations. But it was not all business as our guests were invited to relax and socialize over a hearty lunch. Thank you for your visit! NEW TANK FARM WITH PIG MOTOREX’s 8000 cubic meter base oil storage facility is the biggest in Switzerland. Additives and semi-finished and finished products are kept in separate tanks, divided by product category. We have now added ten more one-, two- and four-chambered tanks that will provide over 500 cubic meters of additional storage volume for 28 different products. The expanded tank farm was brought online at the end of 2011. MOTOREX is the first lubricant producer in Switzerland to use a “pigging” system in its new facility. This involves a driver medium (compressed air) forcing a device (the pig) made out of a special flexible plastic through the pipes. The pig in turn empties and clears the pipes of residual fluids for the next production batch very quickly, eliminating the need for a lengthy flushing process. The new tanks are fully enclosed to recover waste heat. 4

SWEDEN FASCINATED BY BOTTLE AND CONTENTS Once again an unusual MOTOREX oil bottle has drawn a great deal of interest. Of course the leaders of the Swedish Audi, VW and Skoda dealer chain SVA were impressed not only with the practical dispenser tube, but also with the quality contents. Featuring Swiss quality and covering all specifications for these makes, several tens of thousands of bottles have found their way to Sweden. The containers were given make-specific labeling with all the required information in Swedish. Thus the CAR LINE debuted in Sweden even before the founding of the MOTOREX NORDIC AB subsidiary – a perfect kickoff. PACKS PLENTY OF POWER: REFO CLEANER The new REFO CLEANER from MOTOREX is a powerful, non-foaming cleaner available in concentrate form. It is perfect for removing oil, grease and general heavy industrial dirt. The VOC-free, rapidly biodegradable cleaner is also designed for use in all widely used cleaning machines. The concentrate has a pleasant lemon scent and is extremely economical. Depending on the intended use, it can be thinned with water at ratios of 1:5 to 1:20. In splitting plants, REFO CLEANER is easily separated in the wastewater, making it a good chassis cleaner as well. Give this top talent a try now! Photo: photopress/G. Cattaneo ON FAST RUNNERS WITH MOTOREX Bobsledding fans will already be familiar the Swiss two-man and fourman bobsled team Hefti. In two-man competition, the team of Hefti (pilot) and Lamparter (brakeman) barely missed a home-track victory last January in St. Moritz, coming in for a strong second-place finish. Pilot Beat Hefti is a fan favorite with his quick line, while Thomas Lamparter gives the sleigh a strong push and knows just where to brake at every stretch of the track. The team is also a fan of MOTOREX products. Even at an icy –20° C, spring leaves, axles and partition springs need to be perfectly lubricated, as championship-level races are often decided by hundredths of a second. For further information about the team, see: GONE ALREADY? You will also find the RACING BOOKLET at MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2012 5



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