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INDUSTRY The one-off

INDUSTRY The one-off manufacture of an impeller for a compressor of the type used in the petroleum processing industry presented a perfect opportunity for performance – testing the innovative cooling lubricant MAGNUM PMC ® 300. 3,500 KG OF SWARF AND A GIANT TURBINE ROTOR SWSTech AG of Frauenfeld in the canton of Thurgau, not only develops manufacturing processes, but also produces sophisticated one-off components. SWSTech recently manufactured a highly complex impeller and used the opportunity to test the pioneering cooling lubricant MAGNUM PMC® 300 in cooperation with MOTOREX. Changing to MOTOREX MAGNUM PMC ® 300 provided sustainably extended tool life and halved the number of tool changes needed. From start to finish, the mighty impeller was manufactured precisely to the turbine manufacturer’s requirements. Various CAD and simulation programs were utilized, some of which the company developed itself. Manufacturing a turbine rotor of this size (the blank weighed 5,585 kg and measured 1.511 m in diameter) from difficult to cut chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel (14313/X3 CrNiMo134) presented a major challenge for the milling machine, tools, and not least the cooling lubricant. IMPELLER AND BLISK SPECIALISTS SWSTech has a team of experts specialized in impeller and blisk manufacture. The term blisk is an English portmanteau of the words “blade integrated disk”. SWSTech has always fabricated impellers of all sizes itself, and therefore possesses an exceptionally broad range of knowledge in this field. Apart from machining services, SWSTech offers customers expertise and experience in the following machine consulting and programming fields: • Manufacture of open impellers and blisks (bladed disks) • Flank milling of blades (ruled surfaces) • Point-contact milling of curved blades • Access from outside or from the side (side-entry milling) • Manufacture of enclosed impellers or “blings” (bladed rings) COMPLEX MANUFACTURING PROCESS Countless influencing variables must be considered when defining strategies for milling large impellers: accessibility to blade channels, the length of tools and their lengthto-diameter ratio, the material, machine kinematics and stability, and the type of cooling. Another prerequisite is high-performance computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. The manufacturing process comprises 18

Min 60 50 40 30 20 10 A. SERVICE LIVES PLUNGE MILLING TOOL D52, L3 Standard CL MOTOREX MAGNUM PMC ® 300 Plunge milling as hogging strategy (extensive stock removal) 1 0 22.08 23.08 24.08 26.08 27.08 28.08 29.08 30.08 B. SERVICE LIVES ROUND-INSERT CUTTERS D50, IASA Min 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Standard CL MOTOREX MAGNUM PMC ® 300 24.08 26.08 The impeller rotor was manufactured on a Jobs LinX 30 five-axis milling machine. In the interest of process reliability, machining operations were performed at the previously computer-simulated material removal rates. 2 Simultaneous start of tool in 5-axis operation clearly structured machining steps such as plunge milling, hogging, first-finishing and final finishing. DIMENSIONING OF SUPERLATIVES The workpiece itself was not the only thing showing off impressive dimensions – so did the Jobs LinX 30 fiveaxis milling machine used, a long-bed machine of gantry design featuring excellent dynamics and large travel ranges along its linear and rotary axes. Machining such giant wheels also demands special tools that have to be very long and slim. Tool stability, however, is absolutely essential to ensuring dimensional precision. Thus, tools can measure up to 340 mm in total length! ENHANCED FLUSHING PERFORMANCE Over the course of the various milling operations, a large quantity of relatively long, hard swarf accumulated rather quickly. An additional, generously dimen sioned cooling lubricant feeder system had to be installed to ensure efficient removal of swarf from the work area, for example from the hardmetal (cemented carbide) plunge-milling machine with four reversible tool tips. This high pressure feed proved vital in cleanly removing swarf from the curved impeller blades. Everyone involved was surprised and impressed by the fact that MAGNUM PMC® 300 did not foam even under these extreme pressure and feed volume conditions. In this performance class, low-foam products are the only cooling lubricants that can be fed under the required pressure. IMPRESSIVE PROOF OF PERFORMANCE A comparison of conventional cooling lubricants with MOTOREX MAGNUM PMC® 300 shows how much more efficiently and ultimately more economically companies can now produce. Depending on the process used, machining parameters can be optimized and tool life sometimes doubled (see Figure 2), as the impeller project so strikingly demonstrated. Thanks to fewer tool changes (e.g. tipped tools), there is significantly less interruption of the machining process. This has an enormous influence on machining times and, from a financial standpoint, clearly enhances the bottom line. MAGNUM PMC ® 300 TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE MOTOREX opened a new chapter in its success story when it launched its MAGNUM PMC® 300 in early 2011. Thanks to its integrated PMC® (precious metal catalyst) technology, this universal water-miscible high-performance cooling lubricant combines maximum performance with long cooling lubricant service life, and does so without use of problematic chemical components or additives. MAGNUM PMC® 300 makes use of a precious metal catalyst with bioactive effect to ensure that the machine tool cooling lubricant maintains equilibrium and that bacteria do not impair machinery or functions. Tiny particulates of precious metal that are invisible to the naked eye float suspended in the cooling lubricant flow. Bacteria that these particulates encounter along the way are promptly destroyed by catalytic action. Thanks to these ever-present, finely dispersed precious metal catalysts, undesirable bacteria populations never have a chance. Machine operators can breathe a deep of sigh of relief, while lubricant service life is lengthened significantly. The companies involved will gladly provide further information on all aspects of this project. • 3 First-finishing by step-wise multipass milling (material removal) 4 Plunge milling using elongated milling shaft 5 Simultaneous first-finishing of next hogging depth Finishing machining in four subareas Read the full article here. features 6 MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2012 19



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