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REPORT CONTINUED The hydraulic boat lift on the Mythenquai in Zurich is capable of lifting up to 400 tonnes – plenty of power to raise any of ZSG’s boats out of the water for repair work ashore. The hydraulic variable pitch Escher-Wyss + Cie boat screw revolutionized navigation – and once again, MOTOREX supplies the right lubricant. Good to see: two gray magnesium corrosion inhibitor anodes. “Staying afloat since 1996 with MOTOREX fleet oil” CLEAN SAILING Diesel engines on all new commercial boats on Swiss lakes must be equipped with particulate filters if any individual engine’s output exceeds 37 kW. At ZSG, all 15 boats, some of which were only recently outfitted with new engines, have active diesel particulate filters (DPFs). The DPFs are also used to treat the exhaust from the separate stationary engines that drive the onboard electric generators. The boatyard has therefore modified and optimized a number of filter systems. One challenge is to keep the distance between the exhaust manifold and the filter as short as possible so that the exhaust gases, already relatively cool, don’t lose too much heat before reaching the filter. When the ZSG fleet’s first MAN engine was installed on the MS Bachtel in 1996 after 30,000 hours of operation, ZSG also sought a lubrication specialist capable of lubricating all 60 diesel engines with a single motor oil. Then as now, MOTOREX was able to make a strong case for its superior MC PLUS SAE 10W/40 fleet oil. THE LITTLE BOATYARD THAT COULD Lifting a 390 tonne displacement (weight) boat like the triple-decker MS Panta Rhei out of the water, one ima gines, is no small task. The job is accomplished by a team of six using the ZSG boatyard’s hydraulic boat lift. Once out of the water, the boat is set on rolling trolleys so that work on and around her can be carried out conveniently on land (Photo: Limmat). If necessary, she can also be transported into the boatyard hall. The cathedral-like hall’s current occupant is the paddle steamer Stadt Zürich, built in 1909. The overhaul work being done here amounts to more of a comprehen sive restoration involving a complete engine strip-down and rebuild. This is no easy task, involving operations such as special casting of bearings and regrinding of the 3.14-meter crankshaft. The extensive work on the Stadt Zürich should be finished by the summer of 2012. Besides mechanics, ZSG employs numerous skilled tradespeople including carpenters, painters, electricians, sheet metal workers and fitters. They are recruited on the labor market and later trained in nautical skills in internal training programs. Thus each worker knows at least two trades and has plenty of variety on the job. 12

The Stadt Zürich undergoing comprehensive renovation in the boatyard hall. The steamboat will be visibly unchanged on the outside, but packed with modern technology inside. The same people who work aboard ship as deck hands, cashiers, machinists or captains in summer do valuable skilled work in the boatyard during the winter. ZSG MAINTENANCE OPTIMIZED A maintenance log is meticulously kept for each vessel. In most cases the machinist records every incident and every maintenance action taken; in some cases other staff members may make log entries. From deck hand to captain, the entire crew is also expected to know and be able to service the boat from stem to stern. The yard is equipped with a central vacuum system, which simplifies maintenance work at the landings and guarantees that not a single drop of oil falls in the water when the oil is changed or the bilge water (a mix of oil and water in the engine room) is pumped out. The ZSG fleet offers everything an aficionado of turbo diesel engines with intercoolers could desire. The equipment covers the gamut from a straight-six through a V-10 to a 22-li - ter V-12 engine. In addition to the staff, a service hour counter and periodic lubricant analysis at the MOTOREX laboratory keep the engines and lubricated assemblies humming smoothly. THE STEAMER, A PUBLIC FAVORITE In additional to pure transportation services, ZSG is also loved for its special excursion cruises. The selection ranges from a cheese fondue cruise through casino cruises to oldies music cruises, to name just three out of over 20 different choices. Whole boats are also often chartered out for private events. If you’re lucky enough to sail on one of the two double-decker salon paddle steamers, the Stadt Rapperswil (1914) or the Stadt Zürich (1909), soon to be completely overhauled, you’ll experience the fascination of the past’s pioneering technologies at first hand. The nostalgic steamboats are enchanting to young and old alike – an effect that the captain and crew’s instruments cannot measure for once, but still clearly visible in the passengers’ smiling faces. • COVERING A WIDE RANGE OF TECHNOLOGIES The ZSG fleet contains examples from every era of nautical technology, and its lubricant requirements are commensurately varied. Needless to say, the work in volved goes far beyond just changing 5,200 liters of motor oil per year. The equipment in the boats’ machine rooms includes gear train assemblies subject to high torques for transmitting drive power to the Escher controllable pitch propellers at constant engine speed. Steering is hydraulic and so precise that passengers waiting on the landing could well believe the launches run on rails. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2012 13



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