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motor oil Photo:

motor oil Photo: Fotolia/K. Kulikov THE FUTURE BELONGS TO FUEL ECONOMY Driving farther on less fuel with lower emissions requires absolute precision and high-tech engine design. The latest, extremely low-viscosity motor oils are beginning to play a key role as a “liquid design factor.” Legislation and consumer demand are forcing automakers to develop increasingly efficient generations of engines. Higher efficiency and lower emissions demand new technologies, which in turn require ever-lower machining tolerances. The automotive industry and its suppliers are investing in extreme precision in all relevant parts. OIL AS A DESIGN FACTOR However, the latest achievements in engine technology will only work with the right motor oil. Through constant close collaboration with engine manufacturers, MOTOREX has built up an enormous store of tribological knowledge. This makes it possible to develop a stream of new formulas tailored to the latest generation of engines. By using extremely low-viscosity base fluids and the latest additives, MOTOREX FEO (Fuel Economy Oil) motor oils make a measurable contribution to reducing fuel consumption. LOW CONSUMPTION In the popular low-friction SAE 5W/20 viscosity, MOTOREX CONCEPT J-XL offers a solution for the latest generation of precision-machined gasoline and diesel engines. Its unique high-lubricity characteristics greatly reduce churning (dipping of moving parts into the motor oil) and friction losses from a cold start. Responding rapidly to the oil pump even at below-zero temperatures, it reaches the lubrication points faster to reduce wear as the engine is warming up. The Synthetic Performance motor oil optimally penetrates the engine under all operating conditions, guaranteeing dependable lubrication and lower fuel consumption. MANUFACTURERS DEMAND LOW VISCOSITY More and more leading manufacturers are recommending high-tech, low-viscosity formulas for their 8

Photo: AR MOTOREX VOTED “BEST BRAND” The readers of “Auto Illustrierte” have spoken: MOTOREX has won the Swiss magazine’s 2011 Best Brand award in the lubricants category. The MOTOREX R&D Director explains lubricant sample analysis methods in the ultramodern laboratory. MOTOREX and Castrol have dominated the annual vote for many years, and their competitors barely get a look-in. It was the same story again this year, with the crucial difference that this time drivers chose MOTOREX as their favorite, giving the company victory over its multisector rival. Not surprising really, since surveys covering a wide variety of sectors (agricultural equipment, cycling and motorcycling, transport, cableways, etc.) have already identified MOTOREX as a major lubrication technology specialist on a number of occasions. Once again David’s skills and ability have proven too much for a giant Goliath! Extremely low viscosity and innovative additives yield ultra-thin lubricant films for hydrodynamic operation. vehicles. The MOTOREX Research and Development Director explains why: Every autumn “Auto Illustrierte” holds a survey, in which its knowledgeable readers are invited to select the best brands in a number of categories. Over 2000 people take part every year, selecting their preferred makes for a variety of car-related products. From MOTOREX’s perspective, this achievement is recognition of its many years of tireless work to offer customers the greatest possible added value and service. • Through constant close collaboration with engine manufacturers, MOTOREX has built up an enormous store of tribological knowledge “As already described, more and more manufacturers are using low-viscosity motor oils. This means that motor oil has become an extremely important design factor. Thus the right low-viscosity oil is a key requirement for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in reaching their goals for performance, consumption and emissions. When higher viscosity motor oil is used, churning and friction losses in the engine rise. That means fuel consumption increases and with it emissions, while efficiency declines. Breakthrough technology now makes it possible to positively impact precisely these three factors with an SAE 5W/20 viscosity.” • BRAND IMAGE DEVELOPMENT OF OIL BRANDS IN SWITZERLAND “Best Lubricant Brand” 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 15 10 10 5 0 Source: 2006 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 2009 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 Year Year MOTOREX MOTOREX (47%) (47%) Castrol Castrol (45%) (45%) BP BP (26%) (26%) Shell Shell (26%) (26%) Mobil Mobil (21%) (21%) motorex Magazine I DECEMBER 2011 9



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