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motorex in the news

motorex in the news PRODUCING SMARTPHONES WITH COOL-X Smartphones are revolutionizing mobile communications and IT use. The devices are a real challenge for manufacturers, who have to turn out large quantities in a very short time. The “backbone” of these high-tech gadgets is a milled lightweight metal frame, machined on precision spindles from Fischer Precise of Herzogenbuchsee. With their outstanding performance and reliability in three-shift operation, the machines have been a hit with the manufacturers. These powerhouses, which have an output of up to 25 kW, are cooled with MOTOREX COOL-X. The ready-to-use long-life coolant optimally dissipates heat, prevents all forms of corrosion and protects every type of metal. Moreover, MOTOREX guarantees maintenance-free use for two years – meaning COOL-X often outlasts an entire generation of smartphones! POWER FORMULA: FARMER POLY 602 In FARMER POLY 602, MOTOREX is launching a special UTTO (universal tractor transmission oil) with multirange SAE 5W/20 viscosity. The low viscosity yields excellent performance in hydrostatic drive vehicles with wet brakes thanks to low power transmission losses – a strong selling point for municipal all-purpose vehicles and tractors. The reformulated semi-synthetic FARMER POLY 602 combines a large number of benefits, including good temperature stability, reduced resistance when starting even in extreme cold, dependable lubrication and resistance to aging, to name just a few. FARMER POLY 602 meets the following specifications: as a transmission fluid: API GL-4; as a hydraulic fluid: ISO VG 46; as UTTO: Safety+Performance: John Deere JDM J20D and Kubota SUPER UDT®. THESE ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS 2011 It has been another excellent season for drivers and riders who use MOTOREX in a wide variety of race disciplines. Their achievements this year include no less than seven world champion titles/ worldcup winners. This is an unequalled success for the competitors, their teams and MOTOREX. RACING RacING REPORT RepoRt 2011 SEVEN new world champions again for MOTOREX Read more in our racing supplement or online at: The 2011 racing season is now history, bringing to an end another extremely successful season for MOTOREX. Consistent involvement in racing at the highest level is effective in two ways. Firstly, it showcases the impressive performances of all riders, although we can only list a few of them here. Secondly, it yields a great deal of valuable knowledge and test results, which allow us to keep improving our standard products. Better for everyone. Better for you. Let’s look forward to a successful season in 2012! 210x210mm_Broschuere_WC_ENGLISCH.indd 3 21.11.11 08:41 4

MOTOREX FORMULA 4T FOR THE KTM NOBILITY The “orange team’s” tradition of ultralight Depending on the temperature, the one-cylinder engine is cooled with MOTOREX FORMULA street motorcycles continues with the KTM 125 Duke. Slimmed down to the essentials, 4T SAE 10W/40 or SAE 15W/50. This quality the Duke weighs just 125 kg. A sturdy tubular semi-synthetic motor oil is the ideal lubricant space frame with spring elements from WP- for this KTM engine and transmission. A special Suspension makes it fun to ride! The bike’s set of additives also keeps the clutch from design comes from the pen of house designer “slipping” in the oil bath (JASO MA approval). Gerald Kiska. A water-cooled four-stroke, In many countries the Duke is legal for teens four-valve engine with two overhead cams aged 16 and up, and it is sure to be a hit among and fuel injection supplies surging power. this demographic. MLX DEPENDS ON MOTOREX MLX has successfully built a market position as a specialist in tires and wheels. In Germany alone the company has a network of over 300 independent dealers, acting as systems provider to supply them with modular building blocks for their operations. The focus at MLX is on providing top quality at competitive prices. So it’s no wonder the company, through a stringent selection procedure, chose MOTOREX as its supplier for lubrication and care products. MLX’s marketing approach is to make sure its distributors are highly knowledgeable in advising customers. It is important that the benefits of quality products from Switzerland can be credibly communicated to customers. Accordingly, MOTOREX conducts an ongoing training series for MLX partners in Langenthal, an approach that also yields direct feedback from the field. OEKOSYNT HEES FOR CRANS-MONTANA Yet another ski region has chosen MOTOREX OEKOSYNT HEES to use in its trail grooming equipment. Before the start of the winter season, Crans-Montana adeptly switched to OEKOSYNT HEES 46 rapidly biodegradable hydraulic fluid in its fleet of 18 snowcats. Photo: CMA SA, Crans-Montana Crans-Montana has a longstanding commitment to using the most environmentally friendly lubricants in its cableways and trail grooming equipment. But switching to the high-performance biofluid also reduces maintenance costs in the shop through use of a single standard hydraulic fluid. Please contact your MOTOREX partner with any questions you may have about using OEKOSYNT HEES. motorex Magazine I DECEMBER 2011 5



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