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practice NEW ALPINE LINE PRODUCTS GREASE 5200 and ECOPRESS Many winter sport centers have already opened for the season. As a complete range of lubricant products, the ALPINE LINE is very popular among alpine infrastructure specialists. Now special GREASE 5200 lubricant grease for track cable saddles and biodegradable ECOPRESS compressor oil provide an ideal complement to the rest of the line. Track cable saddles are constantly exposed to pressure, friction and the elements. GREASE 5200 is an EP lubricant based on an unusual base fluid thickened with a special calcium soap. TRACK CABLE SADDLES GREASE 5200 Track cable saddles are parallel pairs of slide devices such as those used on aerial tramway pylons. Various factors such as the operating movement of the cableway, wind and temperature fluctuations keep the track cables in constant motion within the saddles. When a gondola passes a pylon, there should be as little jolting as possible as the track cable moves within the saddle. Friction between the cable and saddle can be minimized using GREASE 5200, which is normally applied in a lubrication groove in the saddle. This newly formulated high-pressure lubricant grease is designed for track cable saddles exposed to a wide range of operating conditions with high, jolting pressure loads combined with vibration. One of its more important functions is preventing the much-feared stick-slip effect. This new specialty grease’s benefits include: • outstanding temperature resistance • resistance against water, snow and ice • high UV resistance • special anticorrosion properties • very good adherence • high oxidation resistance Besides track cable saddles, GREASE 5200 can also be used to lubricate roller chains on aerial lifts. It conforms to DIN 51 502 specifications NLGI 2 and KP2 K-30. ECOPRESS COMPRESSOR OIL In collaboration with a leading producer of artificial snowmaking equipment (fan guns and snow lances), MOTOREX is one of the first companies to develop and thoroughly test a new, rapidly biodegradable compressor oil in real-world operation. MOTOREX ECOPRESS has also been tested and approved for this application by a well-known compressor producer. Combining a saturated synthetic ester base fluid with a zinc-free additive package, MOTOREX ECOPRESS is ideal for all conventional piston compressors such as those used in mechanical snowmaking equipment. The product also provides valuable service in long-term, heavy-duty use in piston compressors for mining and manufacturing. Its high-quality formula gives ECOPRESS the following benefits: • rapidly biodegradable • high oxidation and aging resistance • excellent corrosion and wear protection • very low residue formation • outstanding viscosity-temperature behavior MOTOREX ECOPRESS conforms to performance levels DIN 51 506 VDL and HLP DIN 51 524/T2 and is available in viscosity class ISO VG 46. Our specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have about these two new products. • 20

POWERSPORTS Photo: Fotolia/Lauren Thomas SPECIALLY FORMULATED: NEW SNOWMOBILE MOTOR OILS As a full-range lubricant supplier, MOTOREX also produces motor oils for snowmobiles. Specially formulated for the latest generation of motorized sleds, the lubricants have been technically overhauled and the line slightly expanded. Modern snowmobiles are increasingly powered by brawny yet low-emission four-stroke engines. For best performance, these engines need quality lubricants. The new fully synthetic SAE 0W/40 special formula of POLAR SYNT 4T is perfectly designed for operation at very low temperatures. This engine oil boasts exceptional temperature resistance and shear stability and effectively reduces wear even under critical operating conditions. This is especially important for cold starts. MOTOREX has given special attention to this aspect in the SAE 0W/40 viscosity. The new POLAR SYNT 4T meets the API SM, SL and SJ standards. zero residue regardless of operating conditions and support complete utilization of the fuel. BOTTLE WITH PRACTICAL NOZZLE The three snowmobile engine oils are available in 200, 25 and four-liter container sizes. The one-liter bottles have been redesigned, with an updated product label and using the practical MOTOREX “elephant trunk” bottle design. This highly flexible integrated filling nozzle means not a drop of lubricant is lost when adding oil, even in the chilliest sub-zero temperatures. Just one more innovation that delivers a direct additional benefit to the user! OPTIMUM COMBUSTION Operators of two-stroke engines can choose between fully synthetic POLAR SYNT 2T or semi-synthetic ADVENTURE 2T (both API TC, JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD). The state-of-the-art formulas of these two-stroke motor oils offer improved lubrication and antiwear properties, cold-start behavior and low-residue combustion. Due to their design, two-stroke engines have long trailed behind four-stroke models when it comes to emissions. The greatest challenge is achieving the most precise control possible of gas exchange. Accordingly, engine manufacturers try to make combustion of the two-stroke fuel mixture as controlled and complete as possible. The new formulas of the MOTOREX mixing oil can help. Compared to older generations of two-stroke engine oils, SNOWMOBILE POLAR SYNT 2T and ADVENTURE 2T burn with practically Do you have questions about the new MOTOREX snowmobile motor oils? Please contact your MOTOREX partner. • The new engine oils have been tested in rigorous practical tests. Even after many hours of operation, the two-stroke engines showed very low combustion residues. motorex Magazine I DECEMBER 2011 21



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