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THERE ARE THOSE WHO MAKE COMPROMISES, AND THERE ARE THE OTHERS. HE’S ONE OF THE OTHERS. Peter Julen, Technical Director Zermatt Bergbahnen WHY DO YOU THINK HE SWEARS BY US? Not many people have more responsibility than Peter Julen. As Technical Director of Zermatt Bergbahnen, he has to ensure that ten million passengers are conveyed safely to altitudes of up to 3880 metres every year, a challenge that allows no compromise. Setting radically new quality standards, never settling for the first solution that comes along, but always insisting on the best: that’s something MOTOREX also stands for. And why we are precisely the right partner for Zermatt Bergbahnen. Find out more about how our oils are helping companies from a wide range of industries meet their ambitious targets: 2

contents Editorial news 4 MOTOREX in the news topic 6 BIOGARD — tailor-made for chain and nature Motor oil 8 The future belongs to fuel economy oils REPORT 10 Project Linthal 2015: All systems go for water power Dear readers, STRONG FRANC OFFSETS COMMODITY PRICES The debt crisis in Europe and around the world affects us all. Whether our home is Switzerland, where an overvalued Swiss franc threatens to strangle the economy, or in the neighboring eurozone, where every citizen expects sooner or later to be left cleaning up the debt mess. The extent and timing of the direct fallout may vary, but the situation is unlikely to leave anyone unscathed. INSIDE 14 MOTOREX employees: You can depend on us! EXPORT 16 Motoshop Zubor: Growth through self-assurance MOTOREX has a longstanding commitment to being a reliable partner. It is difficult times like these that reveal whether words will be backed up with deeds. The sharp increase in prices of petroleum products, which are also the input products for lubricants, have given rise to higher lubricant prices worldwide. Everyone is aware of the surge in the Swiss franc. While the resulting currency effect has largely offset the increase in commodity prices, strict cost controls and timely investments in enhancing the flexibility of our production facilities have been essential in keeping our Swiss franc prices at 2008 levels. Today, therefore, we can honestly say that we have passed on 100% of our foreign exchange gains to our customers through stable Swiss franc prices. INDUSTRY 18 A direct connection to success PRACTICE 20 MOTOREX GREASE 5200 and ECOPRESS POWERSPORTS 21 New edition: Snowmobile motor oils BOX 22 Cool ideas/Did you know…/Comic 2012 looks unlikely to be an easy year for any sector of the economy, but MOTOREX is autonomous and free to make its own decisions. In 2012 we will pursue a commitment to quality in our products, services and business practices. Upon this foundation we are motivated and well equipped to demand the best for you and with you, our esteemed customers and partners, from the year 2012. Sincerely, Edi Fischer Chairman of Management BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL IMPRESSUM Editor: BUCHER AG Langenthal I MOTOREX Lubrication I Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31 I CH-4901 Langenthal I Tel. +41 (0)62 919 75 75 I Fax +41 (0)62 919 75 95 I Customer service by phone. Advice and problem solving also in German, French and Italian I Design, redaction and art direction: AESCHLIMANN, Advertising Concepts and PR GmbH, Muri/Berne I Translation: BMP Translations AG, Basel I Graphics and prepress: Burki & Scherer AG, Oftringen I Printing: Merkur Druck AG, Langenthal I Text contributions may be used when source is indicated. I Cover photo: A multi-tonne drilling jumbo on Heavy-Duty Lift 1 Photo: public domain, Marti AG/AXPO AG I MOTOREX ® and all employed product names are internationally protected trade marks. No responsibility is accepted for printing errors or changes in the technical data. motorex Magazine I DECEMBER 2011 3



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