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EXPORT With the construction of two new ultramodern buildings in Banská Bystrica in 2008, Motoshop Servis launched a bold expansion strategy. MOTOSHOP ZUBOR: GROWTH THROUGH SELF-ASSURANCE In Eastern Europe as elsewhere, the financial crisis and new distribution models have demanded a great deal of flexibility from the retail sector. With a bold forward-looking strategy and innovative ideas, Motoshop Zubor has secured a firm place in the Slovak motorcycle market. Since 2003 Motoshop has been importer and distributor of the MOTOREX MOTO-LINE. Motoshop Zubor is – you guessed it: a motorcycle shop. But what a shop! It all started in 1994 when a father and son named Zubor launched a startup company specializing in repairs, spare parts and sales of all kinds of motorcycles in a rented space. Thanks to their dedication the business thrived, and they soon moved to a new 420-square-meter space on a busy street. In 2000 father and son reached a new understanding of their respective roles: the father would focus on Motoshop, selling clothing and accessories, while his son Radomir founded Motoshop Servis, a new company dealing in motorcycles (KTM, Husaberg, Yamaha, etc.) and providing a full range of motorcycle-related services. Shortly thereafter Motoshop Servis became KTM importer for the Slovak Republic. Zubor sold some 120 new KTMs per year, supplying the entire territory of this country of five million. When Slovakia entered the EU in 2006, Bratislava-based KTM Central East Europe took over the importer function itself. Today, Motoshop Servis is one of just three KTM dealers in the 49,000 km 2 republic. A BOLD NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECT In early 2008 Radomir Zubor began the long-planned construction of two new, ultramodern buildings. It was mere coincidence that these futuristic glass and steel structures were built during the financial crisis. With the motorcycle market in Slovakia contracting by 40%, the company was no longer able to pursue its previous single-make strategy, and Yamaha and Kawasaki soon joined KTM in the Motoshop range. Fortunately there 16

The Zubors, father and son, opened their first Motoshop in 1994. What followed would be hard to top. Today Motoshop Servis offers many more vehicles in the “leisure mobility” category. With passion and self-assurance, Radomir Zubor has built the biggest motorcycle and power sport shop in Slovakia. was now plenty of space. Yamaha models are displayed on the ground floor of the first of the two buildings. The ground floor of the second building houses the Kawasaki and KTM lines along with a generously proportioned accessory shop selling spare parts, gear, and of course the complete MOTOREX MOTO-LINE. As a result of this expansion strategy, the company has generated sufficient cash flow to survive the crisis. Thus Motoshop Zubor literally made a virtue of necessity, becoming Slovakia’s largest motorcycle dealer despite the difficult times. QUALITY AS PHILOSOPHY Motoshop Zubor’s eight employees often cite MOTOREX as an outstanding example of innovation and quality. Partnering with KTM has proven to be a great way to raise the MOTOREX brand’s international profile. Most of the new motorcycles sold in Slovakia are for leisure use, so bikers have high expectations of the lubricants and care products they use. “Price is certainly an important factor in the decision to buy,” Radomir Zubor told us, “but quality does have its price, and that’s why our customers come to us!” POPULAR MOTOR SPORTS Motor sports have always enjoyed a prominent place in Slovakia and were one of the most popular types of sport even before the breakup of Czechoslovakia in 1993. Radomir Zubor has long been drawn to anything that has an engine and rumbles. It’s no wonder that his stock in trade includes not only motorcycles but also quads, jet skis and snowmobiles. The 38-year-old is an avid snowmobiler in his own leisure time. Motoshop Servis is an active sponsor of motor sports with outstanding infrastructure and a presence at many exhibitions. Specialized shop departments include a 24-hour service unit with a repair truck. READY FOR THE FUTURE Motoshop Zubor currently sells roughly 10% of all new motorcycles in Slovakia. As a known factor, it supplies not only the booming city of Banská Bystrica (200 km east of Bratislava), but also more remote parts of the country. The central location of Slovakia’s sixth-biggest city, surrounded by mountains, is a great advantage. The local landscape offers plentiful opportunities to test offroad vehicles under real-world conditions. Other leading motorcycle manufacturers have also expressed a keen interest in working with Zubor, and the company’s sunny future seems assured. Just recently Zubor signed a deal to add Honda to the major makes the company represents. • motorex Magazine I DECEMBER 2011 17



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