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INSIDE Over 250 people

INSIDE Over 250 people put their knowledge and skill to use at MOTOREX every day, proud to be dependable in any situation. Our corporate culture has a human face. YOU CAN DEPEND ON US! In keeping with a commitment to continuous improvement, MOTOREX carried out a comprehensive project with its employees this year. The result was a mutual commitment between management and the workforce: “You can depend on us!” When the new IT system was implemented in January 2009, various procedures and processes were also modified or adjusted. The effects were felt at various levels within the plant, and in some cases even reached our “Because we provide professional answers to the questions and concerns of internal and external customers within 48 hours, you can depend on Technical Customer Service.” Othmar Frey customers. It always takes time for innovations to begin working smoothly, but they offer a chance to attain new levels of quality. At MOTOREX, the most important measure of the quality we deliver has always been the customer. FORWARD TOGETHER Perhaps you’ve experienced it during a challenging hike or mountain expedition – members of a good group motivate each other to reach their goal together. In our project, each department set ambitious written goals for itself. These goals were then presented to the other departments on posters along with the thinking behind them. The resulting group dynamics generated a great deal of energy, showing each individual how his or her way of thinking and acting tangibly impacts everything that’s done in the company. 14

“Because we greet our customers with a smile and always serve them professionally, you can depend on the Sales Departement.” Julia Ceccon “Because our patient driving style and modern vehicles guarantee quality deliveries, you can depend on Logistics.” Res Röthlisberger “Because customer samples are analyzed quickly and with a focus on the problem, you can depend on the Analytical Laboratory.” Doris Vogel FOR THE PERFECT POLISH On the path of continual improvement, polishing our own performance and behavior is hard work. But once the polishing is done, we can take all the more pride in our quality improvements. The overall aim of the project was to make our work together customer-focused (both internal and external customers), efficient, helpful and as pleasant as possible. The employees accepted this latest continual quality improvement initiative with gratitude. The project seamlessly carries on BUCHER MOTOREX’s longstanding (since 1917) positive communication policy. That’s why you, the customer, can depend on us! • motorex Magazine I DECEMBER 2011 15



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