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TOPIC Photo: Grunderco

TOPIC Photo: Grunderco AG READY FOR THE BIG HARVEST? Year after year, harvesting machines have to be ready to work in the fields. Combines, potato harvesters, sugar beet lifters, maize harvesters and balers all need proper maintenance and lubrication to function reliably, economically and efficiently. Even today, many bearings in combine harvesters require manual lubrication. This threshing drum variator, for example, should be lubricated after every ten hours in service. Just one example of a sophisticated harvesting machine requiring perfect maintenance: the state-of-the-art New Holland CX 8000 combine harvester at work. Finding the right time to perform maintenance on harvesting machines is no easy matter. Depending on the weather and the state of the crops, they can remain in service until the last moment. AFTER THE HARVEST IS… The time after every harvest is also the time before the next. If maintenance work is carried out in the autumn after the harvest, the equipment will be ready to go next year. This is true for all harvesting machines. Specialists of the type employed by importers will be glad to go over the machines with a checklist on-site and recommend what work should be done. There’s a lot of high tech equipment in today’s modern harvesters, and it’s important to observe proper lubrication intervals and use the right lubricant. In general, machines should be lubricated in autumn after the other maintenance work is done, but before washing. Next the lubrication points should be well greased once again. MOTOREX GREASE 190 is a good choice for this job. Greasing keeps moisture out of bearings and prevents damage while the machines are in storage. Certain bare-metal components such as choppers and cutters should also be protected from corrosion using a product such as MOTOREX INTACT XD 20. …BEFORE THE HARVEST Before the harvest, it’s a good idea to go over the machine with operating manual in hand. Fluid levels should generally be checked after the machine has warmed up (in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations). The following points should always be checked for proper lubrication: • the automatic chassis lubrication system (run in service mode if available): is lubricant coming out everywhere? • all fluid levels, including motor oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, autolube, chain lube, etc. • all grease nipples must be intact and clean. • always lubricate any lubrication points that are not supplied by the automatic chassis lubrication system manually after the recommended number of hours in service. • grease the drive shafts. EXPERIENCE WANTED Do you have questions about lubricating your harvesting machinery? Just contact your MOTOREX partner or the highly experienced experts in our Technical Customer Service. • FIVE RIGHT ANSWERS FOR SUN PROTECTION PROS Blinds, roller shutters and awnings should receive proper care and attention at least once a year. That’s why sun protection pros, whether manufacturers, installers or service providers, rely on proven MOTOREX products. In general, most modern sun protection systems are maintenance-free. In some applications with extreme exposure to elements such as heat, ice and snow, however, regular maintenance is still a good idea. PROPER CLEANING Nowadays soap and water are no longer the most efficient way to clean equipment such as blinds. With PRE CLEANER from MOTOREX you can spray the blades with great precision, then wipe them clean effortlessly with just a little water on a cloth. PRE CLEANER loosens dirt, tough stains and even bugs effectively. The product is also ideal for cleaning weathering and mildew on awnings. PROPER LUBRICATION Petroleum-based products are generally not recommended for lubrication since they can drip if too much is applied and cause stains on fine stone floors, wooden decks, etc. When lubricating awnings and universal joints, the pros use MOTOREX spray with PTFE (also known under the brand name Teflon®). Once applied, a durable, effective and stable layer of solid lubricant remains. MOTOREX SILICONE stick or spray is ideal for lubricating roller shutter rails. Systems treated with MOTOREX SILICONE operate smoothly in winter without freezing stuck. Another practical benefit is that MOTOREX spray cans work perfectly even upside-down! PROPER PROTECTION Caring regularly for sun protection systems pays off in the form of problem-free operation and long component life. After cleaning awnings that have been exposed to the elements for several years, we recommend waterproofing with MOTOREX PROTEX. This special product provides highly effective and long-lasting protection against moisture and the effects of the weather. PROTEX is suitable for textiles as well as microfiber fabrics such as GORE-TEX®. Your MOTOREX partner will be glad to provide more information. • Whether you’re lubricating roller shutter rails and awning joints or cleaning sunshade textiles, MOTOREX has the right product. 6 MOTOREX MAGAZINE I JULY 2011 7



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