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MOTOR OIL THERE’S NO (S)TOPPING IT: CONCEPT J-XL SAE 5W/20 Achieving constant improvements in engine power to size ratios while minimizing fuel consumption and emissions is something that’s no longer possible without absolute precision and a lot of high-tech. The very latest low-viscosity engine oils are a vital success factor here; at MOTOREX, this is called CONCEPT J-XL SAE 5W/20. The moment a new generation of engines comes onto the market or a trend emerges, MOTOREX is ready with the appropriate engine oil. This requires constant innovation in lubrication technology and close cooperation with engine manufacturers. In recent years, the automotive industry has increasingly been investing in reducing manufacturing tolerances by ensuring maximum component precision, which now almost 8

Photo: Jaguar Land Rover Switzerland AG The lubrication technology experts at MOTOREX know all about the latest generation of high-tech additives. A representative of the high-tech generation and SAE 5W/20 viscosity: Land Rover’s twin turbocharger 4.4-liter V8 diesel engine. comes up to Swiss watchmaking standards. This may sound something of an exaggeration, but is relatively easy to understand. Smaller cubic capacities but with the same or better performance, lower consumption and fewer emissions are only achievable with a massive reduction in manufacturing tolerances. LOW-FRICTION VISCOSITY SAE 5W/20 The pioneering low-friction viscosity SAE 5W/20 is suitable for the very latest generation of high-precision petrol and diesel engines. Its unique low-friction characteristics can greatly reduce plunge losses (from moving parts being immersed in the engine oil) and friction losses right from a cold start. It can quickly be pumped round the engine even at sub-freezing temperatures and generally flows faster through the ever narrower, highly convoluted oil ducts, thus reducing wear in the warm-up phase. This synthetic performance engine oil, with its outstandingly reliable, multigrade lubrication qualities, is the ideal choice for optimum and thorough oil circulation in all operating states. The very low multigrade viscosity of SAE 5W/20 demonstrably reduces fuel consumption, while lowering pollutant emissions. This new development from MOTOREX matches the clear trend being followed by many engine manufacturers towards highly efficient, low-viscosity fuel economy engine oils with a particularly long service life. This means that the specified viscosity class is guaranteed for the whole period up until the next oil change. In addition, lower viscosity essentially results in better heat transmission, and thus in more effective engine cooling. PERFECT CHARACTERISTICS MOTOREX’s synthetic CONCEPT J-XL SAE 5W/20 is the perfect addition to the company’s comprehensive CAR LINE range. It is a high-performance engine oil and meets the ACEA C2 and API SM standards. Compared with conventional engine oils, it offers the following positive characteristics: • It conforms to the SAE 5W/20 viscosity class even at extended oil change intervals (observe the manufacturers’ instructions) • The oil is circulated throughout the engine at lightning speed even at low temperatures • It guarantees a stable oil film and thus optimum lubrication across the entire temperature range • Its carefully selected base oils and state-of-the-art additives make it particularly fuel-efficient • It is extremely resistant to ageing and oxidation • It is ideal for high-performance engines that are subject to high thermal loads With its pronounced fuel-efficient viscosity, MOTOREX CONCEPT J-XL SAE 5W/20 complies with the very latest requirements. This viscosity class is now specified by “This viscosity class is now specified by increasing numbers of manufacturers.” increasing numbers of manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the USA. The engine oil is available today in the usual container sizes. Please observe current manufacturers’ instructions and address any queries to your MOTOREX partner or the Technical Customer Service. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2011 9



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