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BOX COOL IDEAS Training up the next generation at Beat Habegger’s metalworking and agricultural machinery shop in Forch near Zurich: on rainy Sundays Habegger’s children can very often be found in the workshop under their father’s expert eye. Some time ago they restored a rusty pedal racing car from the 1950s to a professional standard – an activity that proved a hit with the entire family. PIT STOP WITH HABEGGER’S JUNIOR TEAM Now, a few years down the line, the team members no longer fit behind the wheel of the pedal car, and as children grow, so of course do their mobility needs. They are now building a racy soapbox car with just Michelle, Jasmin and Janick Habegger (left to right) put real professionalism and joy into restoring their red pedal car in their father’s workshop. about everything you could ever want. The only point of dispute is the color: the choice is between MOTOREX green (Janick’s preference) or bright pink (Michelle and Jasmin’s preference). If it comes to a compromise, the color scheme will have to be MOTOREX green with pink stripes … • DID YOU KNOW THAT QUALITY IS PERFECTLY MEASURABLE? OTTOREX Messtechnik AG, based in Triesen, Liechtenstein, speciali zes in high-precision absolute and comparative dimensional metrology systems for manufacturing applications. Parts can be measured fully automatically during series production using tactile or non-contact systems that employ optical sensors, pneumatics or a multi-sensor combination of both. Messtechnik AG’s customers include a large number of well-known automotive transmission, engine and chassis component manufacturers and mechanical engineering, medtech and aviation engineering companies. What’s more the professionals at Messtechnik AG rely on MOTOREX’s Messtechnik AG multi-sensor metrology system for dimensional testing of camshafts. TOOLGUARD and POWER CLEAN sprays to protect and efficiently clean their automatic systems and the sensitive components inside them. • Photo: Messtechnik AG, Triesen 22

BACKPACK Multi backpack with anatomically shaped shoulder straps and hip belt. Front with elastic holder for helmet or clothes. Two mesh pockets at side and various practical inside and outside pockets. Interior snaplink for keys. Studded base. Rubber badge with MOTOREX logo at front. Article No 450422 BIKER RUCKSACK Extra narrow rucksack, ideal for mountain bikers. Breathable mesh back panel, anatomically formed shoulder straps, hip belt and integrated rain protection. Front with elastic holder for helmet or clothes. Two mesh pockets at side and various practical inside and outside pockets. Audio pocket with cable outlet. Rubber badge with MOTOREX logo. Article No 450702 TRIANGLE BODY BAG A perfect companion. Shoulder bag with various pockets for wallets, pens, mobile phones and MP3 players. Soft padding on back panel makes it more comfortable to carry. With length-adjustable shoulder straps. Article No 450703 For your order, please use the card in the center of this magazine. Please ask your MOTOREX importer about the availability, price and delievery time of the above article. Thank you.



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