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PRACTICE Amman produces

PRACTICE Amman produces over 1,000 Rammax trench rollers and other compactor models in Langenthal each year – all factory-filled with MOTOREX fluids. POWERFUL FLUIDS FOR RAMMAX Compactors are the marathon runners on construction sites, required to perform at full power in the toughest cold or heat. And if the machine is part of a leased fleet, it’s expected – theoretically – to run maintenance-free. Good reasons to fill it with MOTOREX at the factory. Langenthal-based Ammann Schweiz AG began producing rollers in 1911. Today the company manufactures a complete line of products ranging from 50-kg rammers to 25-tonne single drum rollers. In 1995 Ammann acquired another renowned brand, Rammax. Every compactor produced at the Langenthal plant is filled with MOTOREX. NUMBER ONE IN TRENCH ROLLERS Rammax hydrostatic-drive trench rollers are exceptionally powerful and robust. They’re ideal for compacting a wide range of surfaces even in tight spaces, such as when building canals, dams, landfills, pipe trenches, etc. Remote control features mean the operator doesn’t need to be near the machine where he could be exposed to unnecessary danger. MOTOREX COREX HV multipurpose hydraulic oil is used in all hydraulic motors installed in Rammax compactors. A QUALITY GUARANTEE As market leader, Rammax has an outstanding reputation for quality. The manufacturer provides a five-year warranty on the central exciter, which produces the vibrations (available with two variable frequency settings for different soil types) that are transmitted to the planetary-gear hydraulic drum drive that drives the padfoot 20

Photo: Ammann Schweiz AG Specialists refer to the compaction rollers as drums. Here an Amman hydraulics specialist fills a newly installed unit with MOTOREX COREX HV hydraulic fluid. The Rammax 1510 is unique. With its oscillating articulation joint, the machine adapts to the terrain to maintain perfect ground contact. drums. These compactors are often leased out, and maintenance is limited to occasionally checking the engine oil level. These days that’s the only maintenance work that’s done! This was a major reason behind the manufacturer’s decision to use top-quality MOTOREX lubricants in its engines, transmissions and hydraulic drives. LUBRICATION, A KEY ISSUE You read that right – the average Rammax compactor spends 500 hours in service before returning to the factory for scheduled maintenance on its diesel engine. Until then it operates completely maintenance-free! The latest models don’t even have grease nipples. MOTOREX supplies both the motor oil for the three-cylinder Hatz diesel engine and GEAR OIL EP SAE 80W transmission oil. This API-GL4 high-pressure transmission oil boasts outstanding protection against wear and high shear stability along with very good aging and oxidation stability. Its high performance reserves and compliance with leading transmission manufacturers’ specifications make it ideal for use in construction machinery. Multipurpose high-performance MOTOREX COREX HV hydraulic oil is used in the drive train of the four hydraulic motors, the central exciter and the hydromechanical brakes. This product is especially suitable for hydraulic systems that are exposed to varying low and high temperatures. Selected base oils and powerful additives give this hydraulic fluid a very high viscosity index and a flat viscosity-temperature curve. This keeps the hydraulic system running absolutely stably even during long, hard service. With its excellent shear stability and long-term protection against wear and corrosion, MOTOREX COREX HV is the ideal product for use in Rammax trench rollers. • Hydrostatic drive is perfect for use in compactors. The hydraulic oil transmits power from the pump through hoses to the hydraulic motors. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2011 21



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