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INDUSTRY Photos: Joseph

INDUSTRY Photos: Joseph Vögele AG, Ludwigshafen Paving work on major construction sites: Vögele’s innovative Navitronic ® 3-D machine control system avoids the painstaking task of laying tensioned wires by using GPS. VÖGELE ROAD PAVERS A FACTORY FULL OF SUPERLATIVES With over 80 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing road pavers, Joseph Vögele AG is the current market leader in the field. Recently the company commenced operations at the world’s most modern road paver plant in the German town of Ludwigshafen on the Rhine. Vögele depends on MOTOREX fluids for the metalremoving machining of a range of components. Joseph Vögele AG is a member company of the Wirtgen Group, an international alliance of companies in the construction machinery industry, comprising the four wellknown brands Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm and Kleemann. The Wirtgen Group has home plants in Germany and local production sites in the United States, Brazil and China. INNOVATIVE ROAD PAVERS With 17 road pavers, a large number of screeds and innovative special-purpose machines, Vögele offers a complete range of modern machines to meet any paving needs. The company’s versatile road pavers can handle projects with pave widths from 0.5 to 16 m. Typical technical features include electrically heated screeds, user-friendly operation and exceptional ease of servicing. OVER 100 MACHINE TOOLS The dimensions of the new factory’s machine floor are impressive, with room for over 100 state-of-the-art machine tools. The plant’s StarragHeckert CNC machining centers are connected to a high rack system in a flexible manufacturing system. A rack operating device automatically conveys pallets stacked with the required parts to the machines. The market leader’s remarkable level of vertical integration ensures maximum flexibility of production. One specialty is complete manufacturing of screeds. Vögele produces up to 2,500 paving screeds a year. In a road paver, the screed’s function is to spread and compact the paving material evenly at the end of the machine. 18

Aerial photo of the new 370,000 square meter Vögele plant. The central cooling lubricant supply system for one of two new, state-of-the-art StarragHeckert CNC milling centers is filled with MOTOREX SWISSCOOL 7722. Joseph Vögele AG produces road pavers for the world market at its ultramodern plant in Ludwigshafen. WITH MOTOREX FOR OVER TWELVE YEARS “We’ve been working with SWISSCOOL cooling lubricants and various MOTOREX cutting and grinding oils for over twelve years, and we’re very satisfied,” Vögele production manager Siegfried Köhler tells us in an interview. “We also appreciate the expert advice and good service we get from our local MOTOREX partner, FS GmbH in Bickenbach.” Cooling lubricant remains in service for a year at a time. At a concentration of approximately 4%, the product’s stability and performance are equally compelling. A relatively large quantity of cooling lubricant is lost in the many cavities of the welded assemblies produced here. Refilling with just the right top-up concentration from a central filling system keeps the plant running smoothly even when capacity is at its maximum. Employees also appreciate the fact that the fluid does not irritate their skin and gives off very little odor in the well-ventilated plant. The decentralized cooling lubricant filling systems are cleaned and replenished during scheduled maintenance over the Christmas/New Year period. example, was equipped with a “green” powder spray coating system capable of operating entirely without solvents. What’s more, the high quality of MOTOREX machining fluids pays off twice over. First, because they offer ideal performance levels with above-average tool life. And second because the current generation of SWISSCOOL products ensures maximum performance while guaranteeing good, stable working conditions. This not only helps create a positive workplace atmosphere, but also lowers maintenance and disposal costs. • CUTTING COSTS - PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT Vögele has long been a proponent of environmentally safe technologies. The new plant in Ludwigshafen, for Trucks empty the paving material into the paver’s bunker. The mixture is carried backwards on conveyors through the machine to the screed. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2011 19



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