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EXPORT Photos: Raleigh

EXPORT Photos: Raleigh UK. Ltd. Raleigh dominates several customer segments with its innovative and attractive bikes. The company sells predominantly to families and children. WITH RALEIGH IN BRITAIN Founded in 1887 and now 124 years old, the Raleigh Bicycle Company shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, the world-famous Nottingham-based bicycle manufacturer constantly comes up with bestsellers. Since 2007, Raleigh UK Ltd. has been the exclusive importer and distributor of the MOTOREX BIKE LINE and is really putting much energy into this role. Successfully keeping the Raleigh brand and company alive for 12 decades has required no small amount of skill and expertise. The name comes from the company’s first headquarters, which were based in Raleigh Street in Nottingham. As a kind of “Robin Hood of high-quality bicycles”, Raleigh has constantly set new standards. This, of course, includes sporting success and countless world titles on road, track and trail. become the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. The cult Chopper model became a bestseller both in the UK and the US. Today, the company is part of Raleigh Cycles Ltd. and operates in the UK as Raleigh UK Ltd. from a state-of-the-art facility in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. A GEAR SYSTEM BUILT A MILLION TIMES OVER In 1902, the company took over Sturmey Archer, whose particularly practical three-speed hub gear system formed the basis for Raleigh’s technological breakthrough. In the 1960s, the company merged with the TI Group to The legendary Sturmey Archer gear system. 16

In the 1970s almost every child in Europe and the US dreamed of a Raleigh Chopper with its large rear wheel and unique gear stick. Photo: Joe Coales Photo: Joe Coales Well distributed: A large number of specialist stores in Britain carry products from the MOTOREX BIKE LINE. Working perfectly together (from left): Andy Parker (Product Manager at Raleigh) and Ronald Kabella (Power Sports Manager at MOTOREX), seen here at the factory in Eastwood, Britain. The Raleigh brand covers several market segments (Road, eBike, Town and Country, BMX & Dirt Jump and Children’s). Whether cycling enthusiast or leisure cyclist Raleigh has something they both need to improve performance and pleasure, from simple everyday bikes to ultra-light, carbon road racers. The high-tech Diamondback brand (BMX and mountain bikes) has been another exceptionally innovative component of Raleigh’s range since 1999. In all, over 300,000 bikes and 2.9 million parts and accessories are sold from the company’s Eastwood base, to buyers all over the world each year. A BLEND OF TRADITION AND INNOVATION When MOTOREX was looking for a new partner for the BIKE LINE in the UK, the path to Raleigh was a relatively direct one. “The perfect blend of tradition, image, a well established premium brand range of bicycle products, and an efficient sales channel to market just tipped the balance”, says Ronald Kabella, Power Sports Manager at MOTOREX. BIKE LINE products are sold in approximately 2,000 independent bike stores and through the Raleigh Cyclelife franchising chain and used in its extensive workshops. Raleigh employs a current field sales force of 15 to visit and advise customers. Success on the British market is due not only to the strength of the MOTOREX BIKE LINE’s comprehensive user and environmentally-friendly range, but also to strong marketing and professional distribution. A PREMIUM BRAND IN DEMAND Like many other Swiss products, British customers perceive MOTOREX as the best quality the market has to offer. Britain’s extreme climate can suddenly make the quality of lubricants and care products-, an issue. The year can start with a harsh cold winter, then a very rainy spring, moving into an extremely dry and hot summer, and then end with a damp cold autumn and back into winter. To keep their bikes running smoothly and prevent damage, consumers demand premium products such as those in MOTOREX’s BIKE LINE. Its pedigree of development in motor sport and various extreme race cycling disciplines has made MOTOREX a well-known brand in Britain today. With its comprehensive portfolio of bikes and world-famous accessories brands, Raleigh is among the top recognized market brands world-wide. As a result, the company generated sales of approximately GBP 38 million in the UK alone last year. • This is how many racing teams and British competitors in Britain usually see Raleigh and MOTOREX: from behind. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2011 17



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