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HYDRAULIC OIL Perfectly conditioned ski trails depend on 100 liters of hydraulic fluid flowing through a complex system. Willi Tremp of BEST AG tells us about his experience with MOTOREX’s OEKOSYNT HEES biofluid. GREEN ON WHITE SKI TRAILS The annual process of preparing winter sport areas demands a great deal of work from snowcats and their drivers alike. The demands placed on lubricants are equally extreme. As a rapidly biodegradable hydraulic fluid, MOTOREX OEKOSYNT HEES also sets new performance standards. Speaking for the many snowcat operators who use OEKOSYNT HEES, Willi Tremp, operating technician for Bergbahnen Engadin/St. Moritz AG (BEST AG) tells us about his experience with MOTOREX’s pioneering biofluid. “Extended change intervals and high environmental compatibility are important factors for us” MOTOREX magazine: “Your region uses only rapidly bio degradable hydraulic oils. Why is that?” Willi Tremp: “As a region that depends on tourism, unspoiled nature is our most important asset. That’s why, in keeping with our corporate vision, we use environmentally friendly technologies wherever possible. That includes lubricants and other consumables.” MOTOREX magazine: “Has OEKOSYNT HEES made it possible to extend fluid change intervals compared to the mineral-based hydraulic oil you used to use?” Willi Tremp: “Yes, significantly. In our region we operate 24 snowcats. Kässbohrer, for example, prescribes a fluid change interval of 1,200 hours for mineral hydraulic oil. With OEKOSYNT HEES, we’ve been operating certain machines for 4,200 hours already without changing the fluid! That means that machines can go an entire season without an oil change even with extremely heavy use.” MOTOREX magazine: “What are your maintenance routines like?” Willi Tremp: “We stick to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Change the filter and top up the fluid where needed. We perform a visual inspection of all hoses at regular intervals. We also send samples to the MOTOREX lab for analysis when necessary. The results tell us if it’s time to change the fluid or microfilter it.” 8

Photos: Bergbahnen Engadin/St. Moritz AG Willi Tremp regularly takes hydraulic fluid samples and sends them to MOTOREX for analysis. Over 1,000 snowcats are in use for conditioning ski trails in Switzerland. In the Engadin they are exclusively filled with HEES hydraulic fluids. MOTOREX magazine: “That means you use MOTOREX’s customer and laboratory services?” Willi Tremp: “Yes. To me that’s an important part of the product and one that provides security for us as users.” MOTOREX magazine: “How long does it take to flush the hydraulic system and change the oil in a snowcat?” Willi Tremp: “By yourself it can take a day or a day and a half. Nowadays you can order snowcats with factoryfilled biodegradable HEES hydraulic oil. That’s what our region does.” OEKOSYNT HEES PASSES SAUER-DANFOSS TEST Official approvals and successful testing by the leading hydraulic component supplier further underscore the superiority of MOTOREX OEKOSYNT HEES. The biofluid based on liquid saturated esters meets • DIN ISO 15380 environmental and technical standards for HEES fluids • VDMA 24570 non-ferrous metal compatibility (Linde test) • DIN 51524 HLP and HLVP performance levels • the Sauer-Danfoss H1P078 and H1B110 tests • and holds Bosch Rexroth A4VSO125, KAISER AG Fahrzeugbau, Prinoth AG and other manufacturers’ approvals. Photo: Sauer-Danfoss MOTOREX magazine: “What product benefits were foremost in your choice of OEKOSYNT HEES?” Willi Tremp: “The product is 100% in line with our vision. So far we’ve had nothing but good results with it. It’s also quite a bit more economical than what we were using before. We work three or four times longer with one and the same fluid fill.” MOTOREX magazine: “In your view, what is the main benefit for St. Moritz as a ski area?” Willi Tremp: “That’s got to be how economical it is thanks to the extended service intervals, and naturally the assurance of working with a biofluid that’s absolutely safe for the environment. This is also something our guests appreciate a great deal and it’s an important image factor.” Do you have questions about hydraulic oil in snowcats? Just contact your MOTOREX partner for technical advice. • High-performance hydraulic pump on test equipment at Sauer-Danfoss. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2010 9



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