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TOPIC Photos: Prinoth AG

TOPIC Photos: Prinoth AG Snowcats with diesel particulate filters need a modern LowSAPS motor oil to run at their best. THE RIGHT MOTOR OIL FOR LOWER EMISSIONS Future emissions limits will also apply to diesel engines in utility vehicles like snowcats. Technical innovations in engine construction are also redefining the boundaries for motor oils. Ever-stricter European emission standards are obliging engine and vehicle manufacturers to think years ahead, and technology is advancing steadily. To meet EU exhaust gas levels III B (in effect from 2011) and IV (from 2014), engine manufacturers are turning to • Exhaust gas treatment and recirculation systems • Electronically controlled high-pressure common rail injection systems • Improved surfaces and stricter manufacturing tolerances • High-lubricity technology and state-of-the-art materials • Special valve seals and piston rings • Innovative compound turbocharger systems • Improved combustion chambers for more complete combustion • More efficient engine cooling systems and much more. A DELICATE BALANCE In a joint declaration of intent with the DETEC (Swiss Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications), the Swiss Cableway Association has recommended purchasing only snowcats with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) since the start of 2010. Keeping the latest generation of engines with innovative exhaust gas treatment systems running economically and smoothly requires not only low-sulfur (below 10 ppm) diesel fuel, but also a low-SAPS motor oil (with very low sulfate ash, phosphorus and sulfur content). Why is that, exactly? To keep the diesel particulate filter functioning smoothly during snowcat operation, the exhaust gas temperature must remain above 250 °C. Exhaust gas pressure must not exceed about 200 mbar, since higher pressures can reduce performance and raise the engine temperature. Besides the fuel’s sulfur content and completeness of 6

The latest diesel engines wouldn’t run without electronic assistants. Future engine management systems will use even more electronics. Exhaust gas treatment systems require a LowSAPS motor oil to function at full efficiency. FOCUS QTM meets these requirements as well as the ACEA E9/E6 standards. combustion, formation of sulfate ash in the exhaust gases is also affected by contamination from ash-containing additives in earlier motor oils. In response, MOTOREX invested in the development of its FOCUS low-SAPS motor oils several years ago. • Allows filter systems to function at optimum efficiency and durability • Provides outstanding protection against wear • Enables extended service intervals (follow manufacturer recommendations!) LOW-ASH ADDITIVES AND SULFUR-FREE BASE STOCKS High-performance FOCUS QTM SAE 10W/40 motor oil is built on quality base fluids and features MOTOREX’s integrated low-SAPS technology. The combination of an innovative additive package with low-ash ingredients and a specially produced sulfur-free base stock makes it ideal for vehicles equipped with exhaust gas treatment systems such as de-NOx catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters (DPFs) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. It is ahead of its time in its compliance with the strict ACEA E9/E6 standards, clearing the way for practical implementation of the latest technologies. This makes MOTOREX FOCUS QTM ideal for use in modern snowcats, with the following compelling benefits: • Already meets ACEA E9/E6 standards • Ideal for the latest engines with exhaust gas treatment systems Your MOTOREX partner will be glad to answer any questions you may have on choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle fleet.• SPECIFICATIONS ACEA E9, E6 API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4 MB approval 228.51 MAN M 3477, MAN 3271-1 VOLVO VDS 3, CNG DAF E6 Renault RXD, RGD Deutz DQC III-05 Global DHD-1, MTU 3.1 CAT ECF-1-a Deutz DQC III-05 MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2010 7



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