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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS UTTO POWER PACKAGE FOR CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT The new MOTOREX UTTO CF (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil) in SAE 10W/30 viscosity is specially designed for use in heavy-duty construction machinery and heavy hauling vehicles. It is ideally suited for filling axles (especially with self-locking differentials), transfer case shifters and transmissions with wet brakes. It also boasts remarkable thermal stability and high wear protection and reduces noise from wet brake/ self-locking differential systems. MOTOREX UTTO CF meets API GL-4 / ZF TE-ML 03E, 05F, 17E / KOMATSU AXO-80 / VOLVO WB 101 / Allison C-4 specifications. BIOGARD CHAIN OILS REFORMULATED The trend toward rapidly biodegradable chainsaw lubricants is advancing steadily. MOTOREX’s BIOGARD and BIOGARD PLUS products are the result of over ten years’ experience with chainsaw oils based on renewable raw materials. The latest formula further improves the speed (10-day window) and biodegradability within 28 days (based on OECD 301 B), to 87% for BIOGARD PLUS and no less than 99% for BIOGARD! RACING PRO 4T NOW AVAILABLE IN SAE 5W/30 The recently introduced RACING LINE racing lubricants for motorbikes have been a big hit with many motor sport teams. Now MOTOREX has added semi- synthetic RACING PRO 4T SAE 5W/30 to the existing lineup of two full synthetic four-stroke motor oils, RACING PRO 4T SAE 0W/40 and SAE 15W/50. The new oil was developed especially for off-road racing by the MOTOREX Racing Lab in collaboration with KTM. RACING PRO 4T SAE 5W/30’s special formula and additives are the perfect answer to the conflicting goals of withstanding the extreme demands on wet clutches in motocross and providing lubrication for very high-RPM one-cylinder fourstroke engines. The result is maximum racing performance combined with optimum clutch action. The all-important wear protection properties, excellent adhesion and anticorrosive and viscosity-temperature characteristics are also enhanced, guaranteeing ideal lubrication for all chainsaws all the year round. OVER 25,000 DIESEL ENGINES EVERY DAY P.S.A. Peugeot Citroën produces over years. When the time comes, a 25,000 diesel engines a day at its trained maintenance team (photo) Douvrin and Trémery engine plants. changes the fluids during the summer break. The world’s largest diesel engine producer’s customers are not only French automakers; BMW, Ford, Volvo and others also have their engines built here. Countless machining centers grind, mill, turn and bore the various aluminum and cast iron engine components in three shifts. MOTOREX COOL-X spindle coolant is used in the spindles with great success: there have been no spindle downtimes due to cooling problems since the switch to COOL-X. And COOL-X can stay in the system for two full 4

KTM 350 SX-F WITH A MOTOREX EXTRA “Efficient, maximum transmissible power from smaller engine volumes, tailored to the rider’s needs” was the vision guiding KTM and Stefan Everts (ten-time MX world champion and KTM Race Director) in developing the KTM 350 SX-F. With a completely new four-stroke fuel injection gasoline engine, new body work and a chassis with a linkage-equipped rear suspension system, KTM is revolutionizing the MX-1 class, capturing the world championship in its first season. Like all KTMs, the new SX-F is filled with MOTOREX motor oil, in this case with race-tested CROSS POWER 4T SAE 10W/60. And now KTM and MOTOREX are giving customers one more reason to smile when they take delivery of their new 350 SX-F, by including a free two liters of the pioneering fully synthetic motor oil. That way buyers can start their first ride right. FOCUS FE SAE 5W/30 COMBINES FUEL ECONOMY AND LOW SAPS This modern LowSAPS motor oil meets the stringent requirements for the latest generation of trucks (Euro 4 and 5) with de-NOx catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and SCR (selective catalytic reduction). With its special FM (friction modifier) additives, FOCUS FE at viscosity 5W/30 also yields up to 3% fuel savings compared to conventional SAE 15W/40 motor oils. It also meets leading truck manufacturers’ stringent requirements with regard to extended oil change intervals, wear protection, engine cleanliness, etc. Always observe manufacturers’ recommendations. Contact your MOTOREX partner for more information. Photo: KTM Photo: Mercedes-Benz SUCCESS FOR SWISSCOOL TRESOR A world first from MOTOREX has provide unparalleled cost-effectiveness. The powerful advantages met with great interest in the press and among many leading metal of the new MOTOREX technology processing companies. SWISSCOOL and the strong positive response in TRESOR coolant-lubricant concentrate now uses new technology renowned companies to progressi- the press have persuaded many which protects the emulsion effectively against bacteria. The product in their machining centers. vely switch to SWISSCOOL TRESOR is free from problematic substances and there is no need to add any “chemical bludgeons” in the form of bactericides, fungicides, boron, amines, etc. SWISSCOOL TRESOR also guarantees top cutting performance and the highest human and environmental safety characteristics. Together these properties CLEAN WINDSHIELD WITHOUT VOCS Available immediately, MOTOREX offers a VOC-free all-year windshield wiper fluid concentrate and a VOCfree winter ready-mix fluid (–20 °C). An ultramodern formula containing a wide range of highly effective cleaning components keeps the solvent concentration low. Another major advantage is easier storage since the new generation of wiper fluids is non-flammable. MOTOREX VOC-free wiper fluids keep windshields crystal-clear and, at the right concentration, prevent spray systems from freezing in low temperatures. The all-year concentrate can be mixed with water at any ratio (a 50:50 winter mix offers antifreeze protection down to –20 °C). MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2010 5



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