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BOX COOL IDEAS Since 2007, a team of specialists from Gasser Felstechnik AG has been regularly traveling to Maarmorilik in Greenland, where the northernmost passenger cableway in the world is being built. The construction site of the planned Black Angel zinc mine is located some 400 km north of the polar circle. It is just about access ible by sea from June to October; for the rest of the year the ice-choked fjords are impassable. COMPRESSOR OIL TESTED ABOVE POLAR CIRCLE The courageous team from Switzerland is providing securing elements, rock fall restraining systems and explosives work at the upper terminus, situated 600 m above sea level on a vertical cliff face. Specially prepared compressor oil from MOTOREX makes it possible to work on the cliff wall even in extreme below-zero temperatures. So spectacular is this project that BBC World has even made a film about it. • Camp Maarmorilik with the future upper terminus of the planned cableway (circle). For a first impression of the construction site, visit this link: DID YOU KNOW THAT KWC FAUCETS ARE PRODUCED WITH MOTOREX? KWC AG is a leading producer of high-quality Swiss kitchen and bath faucets. The product line ranges from traditional, utilitarian products to highly innovative, design-oriented fittings. The standards KWC sets for its suppliers are correspondingly high. Photo: KWC AG For example, a number of KWC fittings are machined by a supplier with MAGNUM UX 500 universal coolantlubricant from MOTOREX. Turning and milling operations with this efficient and highly economical coolantlubricant result in flawless surfaces. Its high lubricating effect has resulted in a 14.5 % reduction in tool down times. More performance with lower production costs: MOTOREX MAGNUM meets customer needs to the maximum! • OTTOREX 22

A CUT ABOVE THE REST! Swiss army knife Swiss army knife in MOTOREX green and engraved with a logo. With this small Swiss army knife you always have the right tool to hand. Version with large blade, small blade, corkscrew, tin opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with screwdriver, wire stripper, reamer and punch, ring, stainless steel toothpick, tweezers. Article No: 450338 Officer’s knife Everything at hand – for both small and major trips. You always have the right tool to hand with this “Officer‘s Knife”. Large blade, small blade, corkscrew, can opener with small screwdriver, cap lifter with screwdriver and wire stripper, reamer, punch, key ring inox, toothpick, tweezers. Article No: 450630 For your order, please use the card in the center of this magazine. Please ask your MOTOREX importer about the availability, price and delievery time of the above article. Thank you. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2010 23



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