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PRACTICE To keep equipment operating with low wear, automatic lubrication systems have to be refilled regularly with the right grease. TECHNICAL GREASE 219 KEEPS CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT FIT The capabilities of the ever-more powerful construction equipment used in earth-moving work are astonishing. And the loads on greaselubricated components are just as imposing. That’s why MOTOREX developed heavy-duty lithium grease 219. Anyone who faces the extremely harsh conditions in which heavy earth-moving and construction equipment operates every day knows all about constant heavy loads. Wheel loaders, excavators, cranes, conveyor belts, shredders, mills, crushers and screening units are all expected to work perfectly in all temperatures and weather conditions. Keeping them running smoothly requires skilled operators and the right heavyduty grease to protect all lubrication points reliably. HANDY SOLID LUBRICANTS The new heavy-duty GREASE 219 is a semi-synthetic lithium complex grease. The formula contains lithium (Li), which together with other solid lubricants including PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene/Teflon®) provides a number of beneficial properties in the innovative new GREASE 219 product. The EP (extreme pressure) grease has good adhesive properties and provides effective protection against wear and corrosion. A special additives package 20

GREASE 219 is available in 400g cartridges and 17kg containers and can be easily loaded into mobile greasing systems. Regular application of lubricant to lubrication points that are not connected to an automatic lubrication system prevents unpleasant surprises. The four-ball apparatus is used to test the lubricant’s pressure resistance up to the point at which the balls weld together. with a high solid lubricant content gives the technical grease the following benefits: • Extreme pressure resistance (four-ball tester welding load >6000) • Outstanding emergency running properties • Good protection against corrosion and oxidation • Wide range of operating temperatures • Good water resistance • High fulling stability A WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS GREASE 219 is suitable for lubricating heavily loaded roller and slide bearings as well as sprocket gears and any lubrication points that require high pressure resistance. It is ideal for use in automatic lubrication systems. The grease can also be applied manually with a grease gun. With an operating temperature range of –20 to +150 °C (or even +200 °C for short periods), this grease can withstand almost any climatic challenge. FOR LIEBHERR AND OTHERS The new MOTOREX GREASE 219 can be used in Liebherr machines in place of the manufacturer’s recommended grease 9900. The new product also meets the specifications of other major construction equipment and vehicle manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Akerman- Volvo, O&K, Volvo and Scania. GREASE 219 is an NLGI Class 2 product and meets the strict KPF 2 P-20 specifications under DIN 51502. “This grease can withstand almost any climatic challenge” DETERMINING WELDING LOAD Welding load is tested using a four-ball extreme pressure (EP) testing device. The grease is tested in a four-ball system consisting of one rotating ball in contact with three identical stationary balls. Test loads are gradually increased until the four-ball system welds together (see photo above). Torque or friction torque can also be measured. At the end of the test, the weld point of the lubricant is calculated. MOTOREX’s new GREASE 219 has added a new heavyduty option to the company’s range of technical greases. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2010 21



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