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INDUSTRY Alligator and

INDUSTRY Alligator and biopsy forceps are available in diameters from 1 to 5mm and in flexible or rigid versions in lengths up to 200cm. INNOVATION IN MEDICAL DEVICE PRODUCTION: PRECISION FORCEPS FOR ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY For many years Bacher Medizintechnik of Tuttlingen, Germany has specialized in the manufacture of alligator and biopsy forceps for use in endoscopes. The company relies on Swiss technology to produce these mechanical masterpieces. All turned parts are manufactured on a Tornos Micro 7, and high-performance MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X cutting oil is used for all machining processes. In the German-speaking world, Tuttlingen is regarded as a major center for medical engineering, a status reflected in its leading role in manufacturing. Continuous improve ment in production processes is as much of a given in this sector as ever-more specialized materials and tools. So it was no surprise when Bacher turned to the lubrication specialists at MOTOREX in its search for ways to optimize its production processes. ADVANTAGES OF MULTIPURPOSE CUTTING FLUID Certain production steps have always had to be performed on machines filled with the “right sort” of cutting oil, but lately the company had been looking for a cutting fluid that could be used anywhere. Of course, even in a universal fluid, any compromise on performance was out of the question. MOTOREX’s recommendation to switch to its ground-breaking, high-performance ORTHO NF-X cutting oil offered several advantages at once for the user: All machining processes, including turning, drilling, milling and threading, could now be carried out with one and the same fluid. And thanks to the fluid’s integrated Vmax technology, both production quantities and R a (surface roughness) values improved. TOOLS IN LIQUID FORM Machining the materials used in medical engineering requires extremely high cooling, lubrication and rinsing performance from the medium. Nowadays, rinsing 18

The results of milling with MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X can be seen in the arms of the forceps – and in the tool service life of the HSS milling cutter. The forceps jaws are connected by joints with a pull mechanism. Here, a wire is laser-welded to the mechanism under optical magnification. As important as a high-performance machining center: the choice of machining fluid has a significant impact on the production process and costs. pressures of up to 120 bar are not uncommon, and outstanding high-pressure characteristics are a must. To withstand these extreme pressures, the lubricating film must exhibit extraordinary temperature and pressure stability. SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X meets all these requirements with aplomb. Through ongoing development of this high-performance cutting oil and the MOTOREX Vmax technology, MOTOREX has made a significant contribution to innovation in the industrial manufacture of medical device components. The fluid is also free of chlorine and heavy metals and easily cleaned away. It is generally understood in component manufacturing that the whole process is only as efficient as the weakest link in the chain. Accordingly, the four success factors of machine, tool, machining fluid and operator are all equally important. A company has little to gain by invest ing in the latest generation of machinery if it skimps on staff training or uses an outdated cutting oil. CUTTING COSTS – PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT The data from the machine reports show that switching to innovative MOTOREX cutting oil has paid off in terms of output, tool service life and quality. The current generation of ORTHO products is also risk-free for human health and the environment and thus helps create better working conditions. This not only has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the workplace, but also helps reduce maintenance and disposal costs.• “THE TECHNOLOGY HAS MADE A BELIEVER OUT OF ME” “MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X really surprised me! I didn’t expect it to have much impact on production results, but this innovative cutting oil began showing its full performance potential with the very first series of tests. Here are just a few of the things I’ve found using ORTHO NF-X: • Allows machining of all materials Mate Bekavac • Guarantees top performance in all processes, such as drilling, turning, milling, spinning, etc. • Reaches working temperature quickly and provides outstanding cooling characteristics • Removes swarf without foaming at pressures up to 120 bar • Provides ideal lubrication • Helps to significantly increase tool life • Easily removed from the workpiece • Free of undesirable critical substances I’m glad we’ve switched to the Swiss cutting oil. It makes our day-to-day production work here noticeably easier.” Mate Bekavac, machine operator Bacher Medizintechnik, Tuttlingen, Germany MOTOREX MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2010 19



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