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REPORT Ladybugs (the

REPORT Ladybugs (the Coccinellidae family of beetles) eat up 50 greenfly a day. These useful beetles are also bred for use in biological pest control. TRESOR PMC ® has taken its cue from this model provided by nature. FIGHTING BACTERIA WITH PRECIOUS METAL: The Green Revolution MOTOREX TRESOR PMC ® Water-miscible cooling lubricants are a crucially important element of demanding metal machining processes. In nature, life cannot exist without water – but the water, mineral oil and emulsifiers used in machine tools can turn them into ideal incubators for bacteria and fungi. Up to now, chemicals such as boron, amines, fungicides or bactericides have had to be regularly used to check this persistent growth. The need for such “chemical bludgeons” is now over! MOTOREX presents a world first: SWISSCOOL TRESOR PMC® (Precious Metal Catalyst) – the first cooling lubricant concentrate that impedes and sustainably limits bacterial growth using bioactive precious metals instead of biocides. 8

TRESOR PMC ® IN PICTURES Drop of oil MOTO RE X BacC rack ® pre reci ciou ous meta tal cata taly lyst Ba cter eria Wate ter Em ulsi sifi fier Li me sc ale Swar arf Salt lts, sul ulfa tes, ph osph phat es Many areas of science and technology, including human medicine, use the antibacterial effect of precious metals: with TRESOR PMC ® , MOTOREX has succeeded in integrating this technology into an innovative cooling lubricant with long-term action. MOTOREX TRESOR PMC ® – the green drum and what it holds take metal machining to new dimensions! Drilling, milling, turning and grinding – machining operations that send swarf flying everywhere call for heavy-duty cooling and lubrication. Cooling lubricant is flooded over the tool and workpiece. Water mixed with finely dispersed droplets of oil forms an emulsion that effectively cools and reduces friction. These emulsions also contain additives that ensure optimum cutting performance and high-quality surface finishes. Ingress of foulants carried by raw materials, leakage oil and other impurities promotes the growth of microorganisms in the emulsion circuit. This results in noxious odors, corrosion, sediment and deposits, etc., that necessitate changing the coolant fluid. Up until now, the only truly effective means of countering such coolant degradation were stabilizers such as fungicides and bactericides which, however, pose hazards for humans and the environment. This is why the use of such problematic substances has become the subject of broad debate worldwide and faces growing, justifiable challenges from the workplace in particular. HOW PMC ® TECHNOLOGY WORKS When the coolant circuit of a machine tool is filled with MOTOREX TRESOR PMC®, a precious metal catalyst – the patented BacCrack® from MOTOREX – hunts down and eradicates bacteria. Tiny particulates of precious metal that are invisible to the naked eye float suspended in the cooling lubricant flow. Bacteria that these particulates encounter along the way are promptly destroyed by catalytic action. Thanks to these ever-present, finely dispersed precious metal catalysts, undesirable bacteria populations never have a chance. Machine operators can breathe a deep of sigh of relief. And because precious metal always remains a precious metal, its catalytic effect does not weaken over time, a feature that significantly lengthens coolant life. INTENSIVE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Chemists and engineers at MOTOREX, working in collaboration with external biologists and led by the experienced MOTOREX industrial specialist Dr. Stefan Maric, invested numerous man-years to achieve this exciting new development. Beginning with the initial idea and MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2010 9



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