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MOTOR OIL START FROM POLE POSITION! MOTOREX’s newly launched CAR LINE of motor oils is the shape of things to come, both technically and economically. These products put you in pole position. Hardly a day goes by without new automotive engineering technologies finding their way into mass production. And manufacturer's specifications for motor oil are growing more exacting just as rapidly. One example is the implementation of the ACEA 2008 CAR LINE: even greater customer benefits sequence. These new standards were the main technical driver behind the improvements in the product range. Following a systematic update, the more tightly focused product range now comprises 20 motor oils rather than 24. This was achieved by combining several performance grades, meaning the same lubricant now offers professional protection for more than one performance class. BUILT-IN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES In the fiercely contested automotive industry, service shop performance and maintenance work can have a major impact on margins. In response, the developers of the CAR LINE products have addressed not only technical aspects, but also economic considerations. The 2010 CAR LINE offers MOTOREX partners even greater customer benefits through • a clearly organized product range that is categorized by application • further enhancement of performance levels (appli cations) • greater added value for garage operators • state-of-the-art technical specifications (ACEA 2008) • new package design with information on specifi cations printed on the front 6

THE PRODUCTS AND PERFORMANCE CLASSES OF THE LATEST CAR LINE MOTOR OILS MOTOREX XPERIENCE Top-of-the-line oils MOTOREX SELECT Exclusive universal oils MOTOREX TOPAZ Economical standard oils • passion & emotion • fully synthetic • top quality and performance level • for the most stringent performance reserve and reliability demands • power & performance • synthetic performance • widest range of applications • fleet oil • semi-synthetic • price/performance/quality • balanced performance package MOTOREX PROFILE Manufacturer-specific low-emission oils MOTOREX CONCEPT Manufacturer-specific fuel economy oils • low emission • synthetic performance • diesel particle filter • low-ash formulas • reduces emissions • fuel economy • reduces emissions • best high-lubricity viscosity Ask your MOTOREX partner for the newly published CAR LINE product catalog. THE NEW MOTOREX CAR LINE: LEADING TECHNOLOGY, PIONEERING QUALITY There’s room in any car’s trunk for a practical MOTOREX one-liter bottle with built-in dispenser, neatly packed in an oil bag and secured with a velcro strap. Many integrated services such as oil-change labels and engine compartment stickers are an essential part of the product for garage operators. THE FIVE PERFORMANCE CLASSES Whether you’re looking for a motor oil with LowAsh technology for modern passenger car diesel engines, one for sporty, high-performance power plants, or one for older, high-mileage vehicles, your MOTOREX partner can provide it along with valuable services and expert advice. The current CAR LINE comprises five performance classes with products in a wide range of viscosities and package sizes. QUALITY AND EXPERTISE COUNT Lubricant needs can vary widely depending on the vehicle fleet and clientele that a workshop serves. The quality of the motor oil used and the producer's expertise and image have been shown to be significantly more important than price. In each case the broad, stateof-the-art CAR LINE range offers the ideal motor oil for every performance and price level. The ongoing work of developing and improving motor oils for cars reflects the Swiss lubricant company’s perfectionist philosophy. Garage operators who offer CAR LINE motor oil can always depend on these things: • meeting specifications keeps the manufacturer’s warranty in place • a wide range of free services such as professional oil analysis by the customer service; service and engine compartment stickers and display materials are available • a range of high-tech motor oils under ongoing development for every quality and price segment • the “Made in Switzerland” label means high acceptance and a positive image among customers. Do you have any questions about motor oil? Your regional MOTOREX representative can give you a quick and competent answer. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2010 7



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