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NEWS MOTO LINE SPRAYS GET NEW LOOK That MOTOREX’s MOTO LINE sprays are currently best sellers in the motorbike market all over the world is in large part due to the ongoing process of innovation that they have been subject to over the years. Applying a philosophy of “less is more”, the packaging has been given a more contemporary and less cluttered look. Along with the recently made-over motor oil containers, the MOTO LINE sprays now project a striking, uniform image. Clear visual communication and the new 25-language label make it even easier for customers at the sales point to spot the product that exactly meets their needs. Sounds like the opening of a new chapter in the MOTO LINE success story. MOTOREX HOLDS INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CAMP The recent MOTOREX INTERNATIONAL TRAINING course attracted some 100 of MOTOREX AG’s business partners from 24 countries. The two-day training program was devoted to the highly specialized subject of industrial lubrication technology and delivered up-to-the-minute knowledge on all products, processes and directives. The attendees’ lively interest and the many interesting questions asked during the workshops confirmed that information and training activities of this kind are an important part of MOTOREX’s successful market presence. The industry insiders from all over the world also made the most of the event as an opportunity for extensive experience- and knowledge-sharing. MOTOREX AT TRADE SHOWS IN 2010 MOTOREX made its first trade show appearance of the still young 2010 at Swiss-Moto in Zurich. This year the company wowed attendees with such completely new products as the two-stroke motor oils in its revolutionary RACING LINE and its revamped MOTO LINE spray range. The International Motor Show in Geneva kicked off this year’s “automotive spring”. The new range of CAR LINE motor oils put MOTOREX in pole position at the 80 th Geneva show. It’s always a pleasure to welcome you to our exhibit! TRADE SHOW/LOCATION FIELD(S) DATE Medi Siams, Moutier/CH EPMT, Lausanne/CH Eurobike, Friedrichshafen/D AMB, Stuttgart/D Utilexpo, Geneva/CH Intermot, Cologne/D Auto Zürich, Zurich/CH Prodex, Basel/CH Manufacturing/automation Industry/watchmaking/microtech. Int’l bicycle fair Manufacturing/metalworking Commercial vehicles Int’l motorbike and scooter fair Cars Manufacturing/metalworking May 4 – 8 June 8 – 11 Sept. 1 – 4 Sept. 28 – October 2 October 7 – 9 October 6 – 10 November 11 – 14 November 16 – 20 READY-TO-USE COOLANTS IN ONE-LITER BOTTLES In the last issue of MOTOREX magazine we ran a feature on all the different demands placed on modern antifreezes. Now, with the travel season nearly upon us, MOTOREX is launching its radiator protection fluids in premixed, ready-to-use format. From spring 2010 MOTOREX COOLANT G30 and COOLANT G48 will be available in newly designed one-liter bottles, ready to pour in whenever they’re required and without the need to add other protection products. Apart from these practical benefits, the new format means there is no detriment to the product properties. These are carefully geared to the system in question because radiator protection products must always comply with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. MOTOREX’s technical customer service will be happy to tell you more. 4

MOTOREX TV ADS ON EUROSPORT MOTOREX has recently launched a series of TV ads as part of its ongoing brand support efforts. The ads can be seen on Swiss TV channels and during coverage of the Superbike World Championship on Eurosport, Europe’s leading sports broadcaster. The ads will be reaching a potential target audience of over 115 million households. Interest focuses not only on the breathtaking action (the first race was held in Australia on February 28), but also on the wide-ranging information on technological advances. Eurosport offers viewers reports, interviews, team portraits, technical information and a whole lot more in twenty languages. This makes the channel the ideal arena for MOTOREX to demonstrate its prowess as a lubricants provider and partner to the Reitwagen BMW Superbike team. We wish everyone exciting racing and viewing! FOR RACERS ONLY: MOTOREX RACING LINE MOTOREX has been successfully supplying race-quality lubricants to many top racing teams for decades now. This wealth of experience has combined with the company’s ongoing product development activities to produce the new RACING LINE, a range of products capable of delivering results that are outstanding in every way. These special formulations are designed exclusively for use on the racing circuit. By launching the RACING LINE, MOTOREX is giving the racing community direct access to its lubricant expertise. The MOTOREX RACING LINE comprises two fully synthetic motor oils (SAE 0W/40 und 15W/50), one gear oil and one brake fluid. The products, which were developed by the specialists in MOTOREX’s racing laboratory, incorporate the highest performance and quality standards. This philosophy is reflected in the attractive premium packaging and characteristic racing label. Go for it! MOTOREX IS NEW LUBRICATION PARTNER TO 7 MAJOR CAR MAKERS IN SWITZERLAND Since the beginning of this year MOTOREX has been the official lubrication partner to Subaru, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Kia, Daihatsu, Jaguar and Land Rover in Switzerland. This gives the relationship of trust that many agents for these makes have long enjoyed with MOTOREX an extra, official dimension. In addition to a comprehensive product range, all MOTOREX customers will benefit from the advice provided by MOTOREX’s experts. Furthermore, their lubricant sales will now also count towards their spare parts targets. A perfect deal! MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2010 5



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