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INDUSTRY Photo: Victorinox AG Photo: Schneeberger Maschinen AG, Roggwil From micro to macro: Today’s grinding applications are practically unlimited. Examples include flute grinding (above) and grinding a wide range of tools for the latest Swiss Army Knife. A PERFECT FINISH: SWISSGRIND ZOOM SYNT Grinding is a discipline that has to be mastered down to the last detail. All the elements – grinding centre, grinding wheel and grinding oil – have to be absolutely right for each other if top quality is to be achieved cost-efficiently. MOTOREX’s SWISSGRIND ZOOM SYNT sets a new standard in grinding oils. Grinding applications are more diverse than ever. Whether it's external or internal grinding, creep-feed grinding, pendulum sharpening or gear grinding, in every grinding process the grinding oil is exposed to the forces that exist between the workpiece and the grinding wheel. The demands imposed by new, ever-faster machining processes are growing exponentially, and so, as a result, are the demands on the grinding oil that is used. MOTOREX ZOOM SYNT was developed to meet the demands of the latest production techniques. Its high performance and cost efficiency have made it a winner ever since it was first launched. HIGH PERFORMANCE IN LIQUID FORM SWISSGRIND ZOOM SYNT is a colorless, chlorine- and aromatic compound-free grinding oil that has been formulated for the most demanding applications. Its exceptional cooling and flushing characteristics are especially welcome in grinding processes that involve removing large quantities of material. As a result, the cutting grains of grinding wheels remain clear and abrasive. The fluid is also gentle on the skin and odorless, with minimal oil mist and foam formation. 20

Photo: Oertli Werkzeuge AG, Höri/ZH “In practice, ZOOM SYNT is especially nice to work with because it makes handling easier. It is highly transparent, allowing a direct view of the workpiece and the machining process. It also drains quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky surface. This reduces the amount of cleaning substantially.” Marius Pilarek, Reversible Blade Production OERTLI Werkzeuge AG, Höri, Canton Zurich Circular saw blades with carbide steel cutting edges are sharpened at OERTLI Werkzeuge AG in Höri, Canton Zurich. The company gets outstanding machining results with MOTOREX ZOOM SYNT. ADVANTAGES OF ZOOM SYNT • suitable for all grinding wheel types and grinding processes • “Synthetic Performance” grinding oil containing no aromatic compounds • miscible with synthetic PAO (polyalphaolephine) grinding oils • up to 30% more cost-effective than synthetic grinding oils • excellent filterability using edge-split or other filtration systems • high flash point of > 160 °C reduces fire risk • used and recommended by machine tool and filter system manufacturers TECHNOLOGY PAYS OFF MOTOREX ZOOM SYNT is extremely stable under pressure, making it possible to carry out controlled metalremoving operations under any circumstances. The result is top-quality surface characteristics in all materials. Its outstanding cooling performance also prevents discoloration of the metals. This exceptionally low-viscosity aromatic-free grinding oil (ISO VG 7) provides optimum material compatibility and flushes swarf from even the tightest of grooves. The pioneering new combination of additives in ZOOM SYNT allows many grinding processes to be performed faster and measurably boosts productivity. Special inhibitors also efficiently protect the tools against wear. SWISSGRIND ZOOM SYNT Carbide metal, sintered carbide HSS (high speed steel) Prevents cobalt leaching GRINDING APPLICATIONS External/internal grinding Centerless grinding Thread/flute grinding Resharpening/regrinding Pendulum sharpening/gear grinding APPLICATIONS BROAD RANGE OF APPLICATIONS ENSURES FLEXIBILITY Notably aging-resistant and versatile, ZOOM SYNT grinding oil provides unprecedented flexibility for the demanding user and is ideal for the most complex applications. From one-off projects to mass production with all tools and all materials, the SWISSGRIND product range has the right grinding oil. Technical Customer Service or your MOTOREX partner will be glad to provide further information for all grinding applications. • • • • APPLICATIONS • • • • • MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2010 21



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