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PRACTICE SPRING STIRS AT THE MOTORCYCLE WORKSHOP Traditionally, motorbike season lasts from spring to late autumn. If you prepared your bike properly for storage last winter, it won’t take long to get it back into riding shape with no fear of misfires. Here are a few tips and product recommendations from a professional mechanic. The effort of properly preparing a motorbike for winter storage pays off in the spring. Marc Gosteli, assistant shop manager for Hess Motorrad AG, specialists in Harley Davidson, Ducati, Triumph and MV Agusta, in Ostermundigen near Berne in Switzerland, agrees. FIRST THE TECHNICAL SIDE… We all have our own routines. The approach Marc Gosteli and his team take is to deal with the technical aspects first, then turn their attention to cleaning and care. It’s best to define segments and go through them item by item. In general, it’s always a good idea to follow the directions and settings in the owner’s manual and manufacturer’s technical documentation. Wheels/tires Reduce excess tire pressure, check tread depth and age (no more than six years), inspect for flat spots or other damage. Chain Check tension, inspect chain and sprocket for wear. If not done before the winter break, clean with CHAIN CLEAN and lubricate with CHAINLUBE. Fluid level check Change the motor oil if it wasn’t done in the autumn. Check all lubricant (engine and, where applicable, gears, primary and final drive) and coolant levels as well as brake and clutch fluid (change at one-year intervals). 18

Whether you’re polishing metal and chrome surfaces or lubricating your chain to professional standards, the MOTOREX MOTO LINE is there for all your motorbike's needs. Marc Gosteli is keen to emphasize the important safety aspects of bringing a motorbike out of winter storage properly. TIPP Use PROTECT & SHINE to clean the inner fork tube so dried-on insects or tar-coated grains of sand won’t damage the fork’s oil seals the first time the suspension compresses. Electrical system Check the battery (charge, acid level and terminal oxidation) – you can keep the battery properly charged by hooking up a float charger over the winter. Switch the lights on and off, check brake lights while actuating the front and rear brakes. Don't forget the horn and the number plate light! Fuel system An absolutely essential step before putting a bike away for the winter is to fill the tank and top off with a fuel additive to absorb water and prevent oxidation. MOTOREX FUEL STABILIZER is a fuel anti-oxidant that absorbs water and protects the system against rust and corrosion. If a fuel additive was not used, any water in the system must be drained and the carburetor float chambers cleaned. Marc Gosteli generally inspects all externally visible moving parts. He also feels them to make sure they’re properly attached and to find out if they need lubricating (INTACT MX50). … THEN CLEANING AND CARE When it comes to cleaning and caring for motorcycles, professional mechanics look for products that are easy to apply and give a quick, lasting shine. And that's just what the MOTOREX MOTO LINE care products aim to provide. Basic cleaning MOTO CLEAN 900 is a gentle cleaner for any bike, regardless of whether it’s gleaming with chrome, has only matte-black surfaces or is fitted with classy carbon components. The important thing is to always spray it on while the bike is cold and leave it to work for the time specified on the container. Thin (50/50) before applying to carbon or polished aluminum parts. Water will roll off after washing. To speed drying, blow water out of crevices and rub down with a microfiber cloth. Always let the engine warm up after cleaning. Detailing PROTECT & SHINE is an insider tip from the pros. This spray for universal application restores shine to metal and chrome parts and provides effective protection against corrosion. It also spruces up rubber, plastic and leather! Use CLEAN & POLISH and a little extra elbow grease on all metal, plastic and painted surfaces for a lasting streak-free shine. To care for rubber parts Marc Gosteli uses tried-and-true SILICONE spray. CHROME POLISH keeps aficionados of impeccably caredfor metal and chrome surfaces happy. This high-gloss polish for chrome, stainless steel and aluminum cleans, polishes and protects surfaces. For example, it removes burnt rubber from exhaust pipes and leaves an ultrathin, invisible glossy protective layer on surfaces after cleaning. Once you’ve polished your bike until it gleams, it’s time to look at your helmet. HELMET CARE cleans and pleasantly deodorizes your helmet’s inner padding and can also be used to care for its shell. VISO CLEAN cleaning cloths are ideal for a clean, condensation-free visor. And now all that's left to do is hit the road again! • MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2010 19



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