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EXPORT A1 Accessory

EXPORT A1 Accessory Imports in Queensland near Brisbane recently moved into new, ultra-modern premises – a reflection of the company’s strong technical affinity with the high-quality products it sells. OIL OF SWITZERLAND FOR DOWN UNDER For A1 Accessory in Queensland to be precise, not far from Brisbane on Australia’s east coast, where the Rogers family has been importing and distributing high-quality motorcycle parts and accessories since 1986. And they naturally have the “best oil” sent to them from the other side of the world. When Noel Rogers started his business nearly 25 years ago, it was for one compelling reason. To find quality spare parts for Japanese and European bikes that could handle the extreme conditions of the Australian Outback. The young entrepreneur sensed an opportunity and was able to fill a gap in the market. But the real secret of his success lay within: a fascination with motorcycles. With passion and astute business mind he began importing a wide range of parts from all over the world, though his business was tiny at first. By doing so Noel soon made a name for himself on the market, building a reputation for solution-driven ideas and actions. A1 ACCESSORY DELIVERS SOLUTIONS A1 Accessory exclusively imports and distributes technical components for street and off-road motorcycles, serving 1500 customers all over Australia. To serve the entire country, the Rogers team depends on reliable partners. Customers including many name-brand dealers are supplied together with two distribution centers, one based in Victoria (Birdman Motorcycle Accessories) and one based in Western Australia (Cycle Products West). A1’s overnight service, using a courier service that operates throughout Australia, is especially valued. “Our product range is designed to offer motorcycle dealers the best solution, as completely, quickly and easily as possible”, says Jason Rogers, the company’s CEO since 2004. 16

Making sure you’re seen and remembered is part of the Australian way of marketing. That’s why there’s no chance of anyone missing the pick-up trucks belonging to Victoria-based distribution partner Birdman Motorcycle Accessories. Jason Rogers (third from right) with his team: “Team spirit is hugely important at A1 Accessory because we can only take giant strides if we work together”, asserts the company’s CEO. LUBRICATION UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS MOTOREX first drew attention down under because so many successful world-class motorcycle racing teams use MOTOREX lubricants. There may be no other country in the world where motorbike lubrication and care is more important than in Australia. Many roads are unpaved, and the red sand with its high iron content and powdered-sugar consistency can be devastating on machinery. Once the dust creeps into a bike’s moving parts, wear and costly damage are guaranteed. A1 Accessory has been successfully importing the complete MOTOREX MOTO LINE to Australia since 2004 and is the technical sponsor of numerous motor sport teams. One thing that’s especially important when dealing with Australian customers is friendliness – a natural trait that Australia is known for. Every day the team brings to life the ideal expressed in the company’s mission statement, to be “the friendly people from A1 Accessory”. The result: steady sales growth and plenty of enthusiastic MOTOREX customers! • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE AS A STRATEGY The entire team’s high level of technical expertise is another unequalled success factor. Five salespeople, most of them trained motorcycle mechanics, call on customers and offer advice. Another ten people work in the back office and in distribution. The company recently moved into a new, spacious warehouse with plenty of space for growth and an expanded product range. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2010 17



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