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TOPIC Photo: KTM NEW AND IMPROVED: MOTO LINE TWO-STROKE MOTOR OILS Following the recent update of its four-stroke motor oil product range, MOTOREX has now systematically improved its MOTO LINE two-stroke motor oils as well. The products have been reformulated in line with the latest requirements (JASO, LowEmission, etc.) and have been given an improved label design and information structure. For MOTOREX, continual innovation in lubricant technology and a profound knowledge of each market segment are constants that have secured the Swiss family business a strong position in its fiercely contested markets for decades. Since technical progress should also be communicated to the consumer visually, the new generation of two-stroke motor oils has been updated in several areas at the same time. TECHNICAL ADVANCES Technical requirements were analyzed in close collaboration with various specialists and engine manufacturers. This was no easy matter, since the motorcycle industry finds predicting the future especially difficult when it comes to two-stroke engines. The insights gained were used by MOTOREX's tribologists to reformulate the product range, updating the oils using the latest generation of raw materials. An overview of the most important innovations: • new or updated formulas • latest additives and raw materials • further improvements in catalytic converter compatibility • reduced emissions (CO, HC, particles) • lowSmoke formulas throughout • minimal combustion residues (soot) • performance enhancements throughout the entire product line • exceeds motorbike and scooter manufacturers’ recommendations • meets the JASO M345 standard (depending on product) • meets JASO FD, FC/API TC standards (depending on product) 14

MOTOREX TWO-STROKE MOTOR OILS PRODUCT ROAD OFF ROAD ATV QUAD SCOOTER MOPED (SMALL ENGINES) 1 L 4 L 25 L 60 L 200 L LOW SMOKE CATALYTIC CONVERTER TESTED FOR PRE-MIX AND SEPARATE LUBRICATION FULLY SYNTHETIC POWER SYNT 2T • • • • • • • CROSS POWER 2T • • • • • • • • SCOOTER FORZA 2T • • • • • • • • SEMI SYNTHETIC FORMULA 2T • • • • • • • • SCOOTER 2T • • • • • • • • • TWO STROKE 2T • • • • • The many innovations that MOTOREX has incorporated into the new generation of MOTO LINE two-stroke motor oils will sustain the strong market position of the bestsellers from Langenthal well into the future. LESS IS MORE: THE CONCEPT By stripping things down to the essentials, the product managers cut the product line from eight different twostroke motor oils to six. The design was freshened up and visually aligned with the different segments and target markets. Retail packages feature clear and self-explanatory information. The color code applied to four-stroke lubricants to distinguish the different performance levels (fully synthetic = red and semi-synthetic = yellow) was also adopted. Photo: KTM LABELS IN 25 LANGUAGES An increase in the number of languages on the labels from 14 to 25 means that all of Europe is now covered. The new languages include many from the eastern part of Europe. When the consumer can find the information he’s looking for in his native language on the label, it makes it easier for him to make his choice at the point of sale. • Using the latest additives in the new formulas has sharply reduced smoking and combustion residues. Reformulated fully synthetic POWER SYNT 2T motor oil for sporty twostroke road motorcycles replaces the RACING POWER 2T product. MOTOREX’s lubrication technology specialists are also experts in the latest generation of high-tech additives. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2010 15



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