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INSIDE Over 500

INSIDE Over 500 different MOTOREX products are currently kept in stock at the main MOTOREX distribution centre. Within 48 hours or less these goods will be delivered to a MOTOREX customer somewhere in Germany. LOGISTICS HAT TRICK FOR MOTOREX DEUTSCHLAND AG Since MOTOREX Deutschland AG was established early this year, all MOTOREX industrial customers in Germany have been supplied from one MOTOREX distribution centre. The benefits: simpler and faster logistics and more capable distribution thanks to a direct line to the factory. Before, a regional importer in Germany had to import and arrange shipping for every delivery. Since the start of this year MOTOREX industrial customers have enjoyed the wide-ranging benefits of the new distribution strategy. THE SUBSIDIARY: MOTOREX DEUTSCHLAND AG Since January 1, 2010 MOTOREX has not only operated its own distribution center for industrial lubricants, but also its own sales subsidiary in the form of MOTOREX Deutschland AG. Under the direction of site manager Stefan Remhof, the subsidiary handles orders, prepares quotes and provides information and services of all kinds on behalf of distribution partners for all industrial customers in Germany. A direct presence in Germany reflects the importance of Germany as a market for MOTOREX. The new approach to logistics offers MOTOREX industrial partners advantages such as • enhanced delivery capabilities for a comprehensive product range • faster response times and 48-hour delivery throughout Germany • reduced administrative overhead • no customs and change barriers • enhanced cost efficiency 12

NORTH CENTRAL FS GmbH Distribution partner, industrial lubricants North ivk Ketzer GmbH Holstenhofweg 56 D-22043 Hamburg Tel. +49 40 7338920 Fax +49 40 7338770 Distribution partner, industrial lubricants Central FS GmbH Philipp-Reis-Strasse 16 D-64404 Bickenbach Tel. +49 6257-99813-00 Fax +49 6257 99813-10 Distribution partner, industrial lubricants South Bürk-Kauffmann GmbH Neuffenstrasse 27-29 D-78056 Villingen-Schwenningen Tel. +49 7720-6924-0 Fax +49 7720-6924-90 SOUTH Stefan Remhof heads the highly motivated team at MOTOREX Deutschland AG. The MOTOREX plant in Langenthal is just a few hours away from the German center. Who's in charge where? See “Industrie-Deutschland” at for a list of partners by postcode. Advice and customer service MOTOREX DEUTSCHLAND AG Bismarckstrasse 28 D-69198 Schriesheim b. Heidelberg Tel. +49 6203 9577 877 Fax +49 6203 9577 879 MOTOREX Deutschland AG, based in Schriesheim near Heidelberg, is now the distribution, logistics and technical support hub for Germany. THREE STRONG REGIONAL DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS Distribution will now be carried out directly by three experienced MOTOREX distribution partners and a substantially expanded sales team. MOTOREX has entered into close partnerships for the North, Central and South regions (see map) with these distributors. Customers will be able to place orders and request support services either from the MOTOREX partner for their region or directly from MOTOREX Deutschland. Prompt delivery is assured directly from the central MOTOREX warehouse for Germany. STATE-OF-THE-ART DISTRIBUTION CENTRE Some 500 different MOTOREX products are kept in stock at the main MOTOREX warehouse in Freiburg im Breisgau. The centre is operated by a leading logistics company and boasts state-of-the-art IT systems and infrastructure. Outbound shipments are automatically reported to the MOTOREX plant in Langenthal and restocked within a few days. What’s more, a track-andtrace system monitors the current location of each shipment. The centralized logistics and the resulting savings in administrative overheads represent a permanent boost in competitiveness, laying a foundation on which MOTOREX can accelerate and sustain business development in the German market for years to come. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2010 13



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